Nissan X-Trail

  • 2023

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

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Nissan Motor Corporation

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The 2023 Nissan X-Trail is the fourth-generation of Nissan’s family friendly SUV, and it remains a trailblazer in the mid-size SUV market with its combination of distinctive design and cutting-edge technology, all while delivering on its core promises of capability, practicality and functionality.

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  • The Nissan X-Trail presented a unique challenge for Nissan’s designers, as it needed to remain practical, to accommodate a wide variety of active lifestyles, while also making a statement with a powerful design, improved aerodynamic efficiency and endless interior functionality and flexibility. The regulations surrounding automotive design are more stringent than ever, forcing many manufacturers down a path of conformist design that pushes no boundaries, but Nissan, with the X-Trail, delivering on both regulation requirements and stunning style.

  • The design of the new, fourth-generation Nissan X-Trail perfectly reflects the spirit of the vehicle, embracing both its versatility and its adventurous spirit. It remains true to the core traits that made the first three generations of this model so popular amongst customers, but evolves to embrace an electrified future with the e-POWER system developed exclusively by Nissan. The e-Power technology combines the efficiency of an electric vehicle with the range and usability of an internal-combustion model, by leveraging the strengths of both with an innovative hybrid solution pioneered by Nissan.

  • The X-Trail embraces its core characteristics, versatility and adventurousness, and seamlessly integrates a more environmentally beneficial e-POWER drivetrain to the range. In doing so, it offers customers the choice to embrace a more fuel-efficient future without compromising on their lifestyle needs.

  • The Nissan X-Trail is one of the brand’s most important models and is sold around the world in a variety of markets. This makes the design challenge even greater, as it needs to appeal to buyers from all corners of the globe with different requirements. That the design of this new fourth-generation model manages to meet the requirements of such a broad audience of users is a testament to the design team at Nissan, which draws on creative collaboration from its various design centres around the world to deliver a truly global design solution.