Nido Bath

  • 2017

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Rotal Pty Ltd

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Bathing is a fundamentally different experience. It’s more than just washing – It’s something that heightens the senses, giving a pleasurable purpose. Nido, meaning “nest”, is symbiotic between the act of bathing and pure relaxation. Through various materials, Nido connects emotional comfort experience, creating a bold statement in a modern bathroom.

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  • Inspired by the natural form of the human body. Its shape resembles that slanting organic posture that we take while bathing. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort the Nido bath is formed by a proprietary solid surface resin that holds its thermal stability - Absorbing and retaining the warmth of the water for longer. With dynamic curves, the freestanding Nido bath is elegantly nestled in one of the most stable solid timber species, Cambia. Widely common in window frames, flooring and saunas, selected for it's dimensional stability in wet environments, durability and strength it's uniquely assembled from two halves wrapping the bath with hidden Allen key connectors.

  • Balance - The engineering behind the design was to ensure pure balance and stability. Proportions of the Nido bath were carefully thought out, ensuring the 'centre of mass' was directly above the drain - Harmonising the overall stability. With three installation requirements including 'ground to bath plumbing', adhesion to floor and in-built wedge stabilisers beneath the bath for uneven surfaces, we designed it with no compromises for a seamless finish in any high-end bathroom.

  • With a size of over 2.1 meters long and almost 1 meter wide, Nido is an oversized free standing bath, ready to be featured. Spatially indulging in comfort, the bath uniquely features an anti-microbial hydrophobic leather headrest, easily adjusted to be lowered above the maximum water line. Adaptable for various plumbing codes, the plumbing fixtures are independent and modular, appropriate to comply with each national plumbing standard.

  • We believe in quality through detail. As a hand crafted product, the bath aims to capture the soul of purity of relaxation. With a limited 'made to order' production, the Nido Bath is geared to showcase Australian Design to the international luxury market. Having established interest not only from Europe and Russia, with it now being exported from Australia to America. With a tailored selection of solid timber finishes and anti-microbial leather head rest colour's, for the personal touch to match the ultimate bathroom.