Nexus One

  • 2019

  • Engineering

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Muthanna Raqtan

Designed In:


AREMDE proudly presents a breakthrough concept that will redesign the world of coffee: Nexus One. The ‘hole in the wall’ design created ‘less machine and more experience’ so the connection between the customer and the coffee master was optimised to the max.

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  • It is seen in almost every coffee bar around the world. A wall of steel, also known as the traditional bulky espresso machine. Put in front, it separates the baristas from their customers; placed against the back, it forces the baristas to turn their back on people. Where others accepted this as a given, we saw an opportunity to open up the interaction between barista and customer and this is where our journey started.

  • Rempt literally designed a window that opens up the coffee machine. The idea came to him as he was driving and was inspired by the view of the world through his car windscreen. His design means that the customer is able to see right through the machine and witness the barista in action. By not having a wall of steel the baristas are now able to easily engage with customers and the theatre of coffee making is now on display. The wall created between consumer and service has now been broken.

  • In the cafe the Nexus One breaks down all barriers between customer and barista. The passage of communication is now open and not blocked by a ‘wall of steel’. This encourages community and connection - one of the biggest factors in attracting a loyal customer base and truly a first as a selling point for a coffee machine.

  • The Nexus One is not only a beautiful piece of art. After looking at the design the machine was then engineered by coffee technician Geoff Michelmore in Brisbane Australia. The machine has all the same technical specifications and then some more, as the machines currently used in the World Barista Championships. The mechanics inside were designed carefully with the user in mind and incorporating the best technology currently on offer. The machine is capable of handling well over 500 cups of coffee a day and can keep up with any high volume cafe.