Next Level Racing | F – GT Lite

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Design Lead > Next Level Racing
  • Design Support > Clandestine Design Group
  • Manufacturing Support > Global Sourcing Solutions

Commissioned By:

Hess Ghah - CEO > Next Level Racing

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The Next Level Racing F-GT Lite is the world’s first portable and hybrid cockpit allowing users to switch between true ergonomic race positions for both Formula and GT Racing. Adaptable and compact for storage it’s the ideal cockpit for any user with limited space.

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Image: Next Level Racing > F-GT Lite setup in Grand Touring (GT) Race Mode
Image: Next Level Racing > F-GT Lite setup in Grand Touring (GT) Race Mode
Image: Next Level Racing > F-GT Lite setup in Formula Race Mode
Image: Next Level Racing > F-GT Lite setup in Formula Race Mode
Image: Next Level Racing > F-GT Lite smart Hub enables the products innovative adaptability
Image: Next Level Racing > F-GT Lite folded up into compact storage mode. Note that the Wheel, Pedals and Shifter are still connected!
Image: Next Level Racing > F-GT Lite Adjustability Chart
Image: Next Level Racing > F-GT Lite compacts down into an efficient box yet requires very little user assembly
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  • The customer for the this product was a teenager or young professional who may not have the budget or dedicated space for permanent cockpit. The innovation stretch goal was to develop a portable platform that could provide both and very different, GT and Formula ergonomic driving positions. As a result, the brief was very challenging. For example the unit needed to be compact for storage yet fold out to support a large male driver at 150Kgs. Components needed adjust easily without tools yet be super ridged and strong to resist the high force feedback of Wheel Controllers and Pedal Rigs.

  • The core challenge was to design a seating rig that could easily shape-shift from one driving mode to another without the use of tools. The design team knew that with the solving of the tool free adjustment, the sub challenges of minimised shipping volume and cost, ease of assembly and storage would most likely be solved too! The breakthrough came with the development of the NLR Hubs. These sophisticated quick release Hubs facilitate the ease of assembly, changed driver position and optimised ergonomics whilst also locking ridged the Cockpit Frame to ensure platform stability and racing experience.

  • Good Design has allowed the F-GT Lite to make positive impact to both sides of the business model. From NLR’s perspective it has allowed access to a younger and emerging demographic of customers allowing them to build brand loyalty earlier to an expanded base. The F-GT Lite’s design resulted in new IP that will be commercially leveraged in other future products. This same IP facilitated an adaptable, smarter and lighter product that will ensure its extended longevity with end users whilst also dramatically reducing impact on the environment through materials, embodied energy and waste.

  • Grand Touring to Formula Driving Positions > NLR platforms are used both by racing enthusiasts and driving professionals. As a result it was critical that F-GT Lite deliver two ergonomically comfortable yet true to real world driving positions. These two positions are radically different and its impressive that the innovative Hub and Frame design allows an easy switch between both. Adjustable Control Mounting > Beyond the major driving positions the F-GT Lite also needed to facilitate adjustable mounting of Wheels, Gear Shifters, Pedal Angle/Positions for both Left and Right Hand drivers. This was delivered through the connection of adapter mounting plates to the NLR smart Hubs. Ergonomic Breathable Sports Seat > Although you are not exposed to the real world G-Forces and Engine Heat that Racing Drivers are, it is surprising how much effort and strength is required to operate the advanced force feedback simulator control systems. As a result the Alcantara automotive racing seat integrates large panels of breathable synthetic mesh to avoid perspiration. Storage > High density and shared living necessitated that the F-GT Lite fold up fully assembled and conveniently go into storage mode. When stored it can be hidden to the side of a room or put in a wardrobe.