Next Generation LifeProof Protective Cases

  • 2014

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Outerspace Design

Commissioned By:

LifeProof / Otterbox

Designed In:

US and Australia

LifeProof protective cases are a suite of highly engineered accessories that protect connected mobile devices, including iPods, iPhones and iPads, from the hazards of both daily life and more active adventures. The slimline cases and accessories provide protection without compromising functionality, user experience or adding significant bulk to the mobile devices. LifeProof protected devices are worry-free because they’re snow-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof and waterproof. A new line of LifeProof cases, branded nüüd, eliminates the touch screen film by creating a waterproof seal between the case and the screen border, further enhancing touch screen responsiveness and user experience.

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  • Mobile devices have changed the way we live, connect and share. Protecting your mobile from dust, snow, shock and water provides capabilities and freedoms you never thought possible. Imagine being able to take your smart phone skiing, fishing, hiking and even snorkelling worry free! LifeProofed devices have even helped rescue some users from potentially life-threatening situations! A few of these first-hand experiences are shared by grateful users on the Living Proof web page:

  • LifeProof products are sleek, elegant and beautiful. Clever use of advanced materials, mechanical engineering and tight dimensional accuracy enable the cases to provide protection while being thin and lightweight. For example, the case for iPhone 5c adds only 5mm to the thickness and 35g to the weight. Unlike rubbery cases, LifeProof phone cases are non-stick, so slip in and out of your pocket with the ease of an unprotected phone. A protected device suffers no loss of functionality. All features and buttons are readily accessible and operational while protected. This includes the touch screen, camera, flash, speakers and microphones.

  • LifeProof cases have been engineered for mass production - materials and manufacturing processes have been optimised to achieve the best product performance and reliability. Rigorous FEA simulations and physical destructive testing ensures the design exceeds expectations. LifeProof cases meet and exceed Military Standard 810F-516 for drops and vibration and international standard IP-68 for water and dust ingress protection. Each case is individually tested for waterproofing before it leaves the factory, providing peace-of-mind to millions of satisfied customers around the world.

  • This new generation of LifeProof cases is compatible with a wide range of LifeProof accessories, from floats to bar mounts and armbands that enable you to maximise the mobility and life-integration of your protected device.

    Each new case design leverages the patented LifeProof cushioning and sealing technologies, while reconsidering the paired device. For instance, the LifeProof case for iPhone 5c has a clear back allowing the phone's vibrant colours to be visible while protected. A Sound Enhancement System, comprising of a thinned wall section and air cavity at the rear of the LifeProof iPad case acts as a panel speaker to prevent sound muffling on your protected iPad. And the LifeProof case for iPhone 5s has a modified button to enable fingerprint recognition. All products are backed by the LifeProof promise and warranty.