New Westpac Online Banking Service

  • 2014

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Westpac

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Westpac’s new Online Banking service gives customers more control of their finances through a consistent, simple, helpful and secure omnichannel experience underpinned by:
– 105 backend systems
– 65 real-time services
– 178 batch interfaces
– Over 70,000 test cases
– 1,500+ customer and business requirements.

Four years of good design practice management within a massive transformational program makes the complex appear simple. Our design goal: help customers to develop positive financial habits through small behavioural changes ‘in the moment’. The result; a meaningful, personalised picture of finances – including non-Westpac accounts presented through a simple, modern interface.

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  • Everyday life is busy; it's hard to get organised, to have a clear plan for turning dreams into reality. This insight underpinned our design philosophy. With this in mind, we designed all taskflows and interactions to help people to progressively transition from short-term reactive behaviours to become more in control. The service makes every-day, repetitive tasks convenient, giving time back to become more organised, to make plans to realise dreams.

  • - Group accounts online and give them meaningful names - including non-Westpac accounts to get a complete financial picture. - Accounts and functions streamlined for mobility. Priority account list for quick access and money movement on the go. - Considered yet playful gestural tablet user interface redefines how customers interact with their banking. - With the Sameview tool, support staff see what the customer sees. Improved understanding means better problem-solving. - Location aware Branch and ATM finder helps customers access over 50,000 fee-free ATMs; the single biggest network in the world.

  • - Alerts and messages tailored to customer needs and preferences help them to streamline their banking. - Helping people to make informed choices to change their behaviour eg protecting bonus interest on savings accounts, avoiding late payment or other fees. - Simplified account opening with pre-populated forms and prompts to transfer money into savings accounts to maximise returns. - Dedicated service centre for greater convenience and control. Customers can manage their personal details, security preferences and account sharing.

  • Continual customer feedback informed design iterations. - Over 500 customers were engaged in prioritising business requirements and testing design prototypes. - Customer co-created change management approach enabled us to put appropriate capabilities and resources in place to deliver a smooth transition to the new platform. - Feedback from 15,000 customers engaged in a pilot release continues to guide ongoing migration strategy and execution. Ongoing dialogue with 3 million active customers continues to inform enhancements such as data visualisation, financial management tools and business banking.

    - Develop deep and enduring customer relationships through a personalised, relevant, helpful service and a customer experience that grows with the customer - One experience that scales and evolve across personal and business customer segments - A customer-centric digital platform that enables people to self-serve via channel of choice enables growth and increased productivity. - Digital 'front door' - web, online and tablet - handles 50x foot traffic, relative to branch and call centre network.