• 2014

  • Architectural

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  • Interface

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Inspired by the life-giving power and plight of our oceans, Net-Effect is designed as a tribute which honours the ocean not only in its aesthetic references but also in a unique and tangible way through a project called Net-Works. Net-Works is all about saving oceans, funding communities and turning waste into beauty. Net-Works partnerships brings a fair trade element to the supply chain benefiting poor coastal communities which is unique. Net Effect One is a collection of three textures that, when placed side by side, describe the precise moment when the sea foams into the shore.

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  • Net-Effect is supported by Net-Works project which aims to establish a community based supply chain for discarded fishing nets. The ultimate goal of Net-Works project is to improve the livelihood of impoverished coastal communities. Working closely with Zoological Society of London and Aquafil, Interface sources discarded fishing nets from some of the poorest fishing communities which is used as raw material for creating the nylon yarn required to make our carpet tiles. This novel approach means the communities get the best possible price for the nets and encouragement to clean up beaches while breaking down barriers to net recycling and ensuring nets can be removed from remote and ecologically vulnerable areas.

  • Net-Effect was inspired by the state of our oceans. It comes in eight ocean-inspired neutral colorways across three textural patterns that replicate the natural line where the ocean meets the shore. The organic design and randomness of water foaming into the shore provides a striking visual impact.

  • Net-Effect carpet tiles are performance driven and withstand even the most heavily trafficked interiors. Installed with Tactiles, this glue-free installation method is speedier and simplifies selective replacement, removal and recycling.

  • Durability, long-term appearance retention, superior colourfastness and stain resistance are innate; the modular backing system prevents separation, edge ravel and rippling. As with all Interface products Net-Effect comes with a 15 year warranty.

    The organic design and randomness of water foaming into the shore enables non directional installation of the tiles, which helps speed-up installation. Moreover, selective replacement of a tile is possible and any change-out is imperceptible. Mergeable dye lots also eliminate need to match.