Nature Loo Alectura Waterless Composting Toilet System

  • 2023

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    Hardware and Building

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  • Ecoflo Wastewater Management

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Ecoflo Wastewater Management

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Ecoflo is an experienced compost company known for innovative composting solutions. The Nature Loo Alectura is their latest patented split-system, waterless composting toilet that incorporates significant capacity, improved odour control and pest-resistant ventilation, including a new lifting mechanism for effortless mobility. Ideal for tiny homes and low underfloor clearance areas.

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  • Ecoflo recognized the growing demand for off-grid living and saw a significant opportunity for international expansion into the untapped batch system off-grid market in America and Canada. By engaging strategically with its customers, Ecoflo conducted an in-depth analysis of the challenges involved in composting. Challenges identified with previous iterations involved limited volume capacity resulting in changing chambers more often, difficulties in moving full chambers into the sun to help compost, and some issues with insects. Ecoflo identified internal challenges regarding difficulties in reliable manufacturing and significant time taken to post-process the tanks in the workshop.

  • Ecoflo has developed an injection-moulded composting system that addresses challenges identified by both customers and the design team during initial designs. The system incorporates a tank that can accommodate a larger compost volume of up to 90L while maintaining a maximum height of 450mm. Additionally, the unit comes with mounting hooks for easy lifting and transportation to desired locations using a portable trolley. During the design process, it was established that the use of injection moulding technology allowed for previously post-processed features, such as spin-welded threads, to be directly moulded into the part, eliminating the need for a secondary process.

  • Utilizing the Double Diamond design process and design thinking methodology, the Nature Loo Alectura, a batch-style composting toilet, offers various positive design impacts that surpass its predecessors. By satisfying customer needs and wants, the Alectura incorporates innovative features that differentiate it from competitors and disrupts an industry that has resisted evolution since the 1960s. Ecoflo prides itself on designing innovative purpose-built products that solve a key problem for its customers while improving the environmental impact and preserves 35,000 litres of water, all while producing valuable compost.

  • The Nature Loo Alectura proudly presents a range of noteworthy features that set it apart from any other composting toilet solutions. One of its key innovations is the patented dual mixing blade system, which facilitates faster composting. When the gear is turned, the pile is aerated, and the compost is evenly dispersed around the edges of the chamber, better utilising the available volume of the unit. Furthermore, the internal chamber is equipped with a capillary system within the floor, allowing excess liquid to be drawn into the compost pile, maintaining the ideal moisture level while excess liquid drains away. To enhance user convenience, the out-of-service chamber is fitted with a friction lock inspection plug, enabling easy monitoring of the compost level. Another feature is the dual-walled construction, which allows customers to optionally add a heating pad for cold climates, a feature that was previously only available during manufacture. The tank of the Alectura is constructed from black UV-stabilized ASA plastic, purpose-built for long UV exposure in various climates, ensuring optimal heat retention within the unit. Additionally, the chamber chute is made from slip-resistant HDPE with low surface energy, making it resistant to bonding or marking, ensuring both durability and longevity.