My Child’s eHealth Record

  • 2014

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Designed By:

  • Deloitte Digital

Commissioned By:

Deloitte Digital

Department of Health and Ageing

National E-Health Transition Authority

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The My Child’s eHealth Record mobile app is Australia’s first national scale eHealth app. Paper-based child growth chart and immunisation records in each jurisdiction have been an integral part of the parent, child, and clinician relationship for many years; monitoring a child’s growth and development milestones. For the first time ever, a digital solution has been developed for the entire nation, making it easier than ever for parents to monitor the health of their child and epitomising Australia’s ongoing push for the digitisation of health care records. It’s the baby book on a smartphone. iOS: Android:

  • Helping to realise the future of online health care, the My Child's eHealth Record app allows parents and authorised representatives to access the child's personally controlled electronic health (eHealth) record to add and view information about the child's development. make growth chart observations, fill out pre-health check questionnaires, and view immunisation schedules and completed immunisations for their children - all from a native iOS and Android app.

  • From the first time the user logs on - all that is needed to keep records on their child's growth and development is a few taps away. The child dashboard is the central hub of the app - designed to display all the basic information about a child. From there, users can navigate to important reminders, view information articles relevant to their child's age and state, and take advantage of features based on native phone functions such as calendar integration for scheduling important health checks.