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Muzeek is an intuitive and versatile, multi-faceted, live-performance booking platform for the music and entertainment industry. Our platform is utilised by thousands of international venues, artists, agencies, promoters and management companies in over 100 countries to facilitate their live-booking processes from initial contact and contracts to payments and marketing to fans. Having invented, trademarked and patented the first ever “book button” to the industry, Muzeek allows our processes to be embedded virtually anywhere on the web, and users can book and request bookings from other users externally from our host site if desired.

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  • Muzeek introduces the first ever "Book Button" to the entertainment industry, allowing users to copy and paste a simple script code and embed our processes all over their respective websites, social media outlets and more. Similar to the Facebook "Like" button or the Twitter "Tweet" button, our unique "Book" button can be placed virtually anywhere online and allows musicians and artists to be booked externally from Muzeek but with the same functionality and processes included. As the internet becomes more intertwined and e-commerce expands, Muzeek has positioned itself to become the industry leader in music booking.

  • Muzeek helps artists surface venues, venues surface artists, promoters surface both, and gives current booking agents and agencies the ability to plan their tours much easier and more efficient by locating and contacting venues directly from our platform's algorithms and profile pages. Using our "Discover" feature, users can search and surface venues in their area and beyond and request bookings using profile pages instead of traditional email. From a streamlined workflow, bookings are now negotiated, discussed, accepted and processed through our platform, saving extremely valuable time and money on a traditionally tedious and complex process.

  • Muzeek users can input, import and/or upload their own custom Contracts and Payment options into their Muzeek settings which allows them to interact and book with users as they desire. Muzeek displays these terms during the negotiated booking process so that users can digitally "accept" bookings on our platform without the need for traditional paper contracts, scanners and signatures which dramatically hinders an efficient work-flow and costs companies valuable time and operational costs.

  • Since Muzeek becomes the "source" of all bookings within the industry, marketing that same information to fans is now easier than ever. Muzeek automatically creates beautiful, customised "Events Pages" which display all of the relevant booking information to fans, that was agreed upon between users. Therefore artists, venues, promoters and agencies need not re-enter all of the same relevant data into additional websites and social media outlets, but simply share our custom Events Pages once the the events are booked. Fans can now access, track and attend these events from the same platform they were created on.

    Muzeek's profile pages are now automatically updating Electronic Press Kits for the music industry. As bookings are made, events created and users interact, our profiles automatically pull in relevant data - from social media reach and music content to industry news and music players - so that future users can view and access this data to make sure their decision-making is sound and accurate. These Electronic Press Kit profiles will now become extremely valuable for artists and venues to use when traveling overseas and attempting to book with users who may be unfamiliar with them.