MultiPro – Farm Management System

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Boost Design

Commissioned By:

St8wide Electrical

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The Multipro Farm Management System (FMS) is a fully integrated wireless farm management tool, which allows the user monitor and control their irrigation system from any computer or smart device. This results in less time spent in the field, less money spent on valuable resources, and greater control over operation.

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  • The challenges facing Australian crop farmers today are numerous. Water is a finite and precious resource in a drought prone country such as Australia, and therefore, it's allocation and distribution is key to a successful and environmentally conscious farming operation. Another issue that Australian farmers face is the rugged and vast environment upon which they farm. The modern farm is a 24/7 operation, with many hours of the day spent visually inspecting and monitoring equipment and resources to ensure that they are running efficiently. The Multipro is a device which aims to tackle both of these key challenges.

  • The Multipro has the unique ability to communicate with and monitor a large range of crop farming equipment utilising its large array of internal electrical interfaces. Each device can communicate wirelessly over a range of up to 15km via a LoraWan network, or be controlled onsite via a simple & concealed user interface. The device includes a powerful firmware engine that provides customisation for each site, including a rules-based system to ensure safe handling of irrigation assets. The electronics are housed in a custom designed, rugged housing, designed to withstand the environmental and physical impacts typical of an outdoor farming environment.

  • With the onset of climate change, and with our ever-increasing population, farms need to be increasingly efficient and environmentally sustainable. The Multipro Farm Management System provides farmers the ability to remotely monitor the status of their crops, resources and equipment, improving farming efficiency, reducing workloads, and reducing costs. The Multipro also provides a positive environmental impact, allowing farmers to monitor and optimise irrigation cycles, reduce water wastage, reduce excess power consumption, and manage soils better, making farming more productive and sustainable to support Australia's (and the world's) present and future generations.

  • - Sensing and control; many products of this type do not provide both remote sensing and remote control in one convenient device - Wide compatibility; can connect to a huge range of sensors and farm equipment - Optimised network; Utilising an inexpensive LoRaWAN gateway, the Multipro has no reliance on cellular networks that may not provide remote area coverage, avoids the data usage charges, whilst still providing long-range remote communications capability - Scaleability; systems can be implemented with either one or many Multipros on the same network to communicate with nearly any number of remote sensors or devices - Exception management; includes fail-safes for wireless connection failures, configurable actions based on sensor alarms, and power-loss alerts - Hidden control; incorporates a simple internal user interface, allowing full control of device outputs and monitoring of device inputs to assist with installation and maintenance - Easy to install; includes a range of mounting options to provide flexibility to suit most installation environments - Attractive and robust; is housed in a custom designed enclosure that marries attractive aesthetic with practical application