Multi-Fresh Fruit Bowl

  • 2014

  • Communication

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  • Infinity Design Pty Ltd

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Infinity teamed up with Multicap to help create a new ‘Multi-Fresh’ fruit bowl to enhance the packaging and presentation of their corporate fruit deliveries. Multicap is a high-needs disability support organisation in Queensland that provides opportunities for disabled individuals to perform meaningful work. One Multicap enterprise is ‘Multi-Fresh’ which involves the packaging of fruit for delivery to businesses on a weekly basis. By re-evaluating and rationalising the existing processes a new fruit bowl was designed, which not only protects the fruit during transport but also transforms into an attractive fruit bowl which suits the corporate lunchroom or boardroom environment.

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  • Something as simple as a well-designed package with an innovative approach to assembly and marketing can have a big impact. Creating a new job description within the 'Multi-Fresh' enterprise; the Fruit Bowl has generated more employment for those challenged with disabilities. Opportunities continue to grow with assembly as well as packing at Day Service activity units in SE Queensland. Originally designed specifically to create employment opportunities and build bridges for people with disabilities into the community, 'Multi-Fresh' has successfully expanded this idea and its market, promoting the image of 'Multi-Fresh' and the awareness of high-needs groups.

  • With cost sensitivity as a major factor, a flat packable form and simple assembly process drove the design of the 'Multi-fresh' Fruit Bowl. A single piece of folded polypropylene satisfied these demands and the origami style process of assembling the bowl provides structural integrity. To increase assembly efficiency and workflow a bowl-folding and fruit-stacking jig was developed, and usability tests were conducted with prototype packages to anticipate assembly and handling issues for Multicap workers. The result of this process was cost efficiencies in production and transport, whilst also ensuring practicality in storing and assembling fruit bowls.

  • The folding 'Multi-Fresh' package provides ease of assembly and considers important details such as removing sharp corners that could damage fruit with a form that enhances visual appeal. The design process used to create an appealing fruit bowl required constant trial and analysis with many prototypes. The final result is a robust and functional container which transforms into an aesthetically pleasing fruit bowl. As the user removes the lid, the clean white fruit bowl blooms into an inviting display of the colourful fruits within. The lid doubles as a clever base for display so that the fruit bowl avoids over-extension.

  • The 'Multi-Fresh' containers are delivered to Multicap as pre-cut, scored and flat packed polypropylene sheets. They are then folded and pushed into assembly jigs ready for fruit to be added, with the lid holding the bowl in the closed position. The strength and recyclability of PP sheet is a revolution for environmentally sustainable packaging. With thorough consideration for hygiene, appearance, and also structural integrity, polypropylene is an ideal choice of material. One of the most neutral plastics, polypropylene is great for the packaging of foods.