• 2023

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Naomi Milgrom Foundation

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MPavilion is Australia’s leading architecture commission created by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation: a place for conversation, collaboration and experimentation. Annually, a pavilion is built for Melbourne that hosts a five-month design festival of free events, prompting locals and visitors alike to consider how architecture, art and design can change lives.

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Image: Casey Horsfield
Image: William Hamilton-Coates
Image: Casey Horsfield
Image: Marie Luise-Skibbe
Image: William Hamilton-Coates
Image: Casey Horsfield
Image: Casey Horsfield
Image: Bella Loke
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  • The Naomi Milgrom Foundation champions art, design and architecture to improve Australian lives. The ambition of the MPavilion project, specifically, is to bring exceptional design and architecture to all Australians, promoting deeper public engagement with urgent design, planning and environmental issues. However, at the core of its ethos is people, through the celebration of cultural diplomacy, promotion of First People’s leadership and practice, and empowerment of the creative workforce of the future. The annual challenge for the MPavilion project is to carve out a crucial space that delivers and platforms these focus points in a free and accessible manner.

  • Since its inception in 2014, the Naomi Milgrom Foundation has invited extraordinary national and international architects to design an annual meeting place for the Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne’s heart. Here, MPavilion offers a dynamic platform for collaborators to connect with the community through design and architecture—free of charge—ensuring openness and inclusivity. Through an open call for expressions of interest, MPavilion engages organisations and individuals from all identities, environments and experiences—prioritising First Nations voices—and provides the infrastructure and event management to support them in creating an ambitious and varied array of programming.

  • Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Art Precinct, MPavilion is a vital convener in the cultural, educational and community life of the city. Through design, collaboration and partnership, MPavilion is an important contributor to Melbourne’s creative and cultural economy. To date, the MPavilion project has welcomed over a million visitors across all pavilions, hosted more than 3,500 free public events, collaborated with over 4,000 people and institutions, provided design education programs to over 600 students from 27 schools and 3 universities, and initiated 57 art and design commissions, providing opportunities for Melbourne’s creative community to showcase their works.

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