MOVI Smart Standing Desk

  • 2019

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MOVI Workspace

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MOVI is the only standing desk converter in the world that provides a full size workspace area and an electric lift system for height adjustment. It provides businesses with all the benefits of ergonomic standing desks, without the costs and hassles of having to refit an entire office.

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  • Every day, millions of office workers globally are sedentary for 11+ hours a day, which has been medically proven to increase several health risks. Moving more during work leads to significant positive health benefits. Desks that allow switching between sitting and standing are a fantastic solution to the problem, but many fail when it comes to their cost, convenience and complex designs. The brief for MOVI was to design a customer driven, reasonably priced, desirable, and reliable standup desk converter that could be setup in seconds and allow switching between positions on demand with more usable space.

  • The challenge: how might we deliver a standup desk that goes from flat to full height ergonomically for all users? How might we lift straight up and avoid blocking thoroughfares? How do we ensure the desk is always stable? By co-creating and prototyping with healthcare professionals and users, we have arrived at a considered, ergonomic standup desk like no other. Pre-assembled and plug and play, MOVI requires no expertise to install and can be used straight out of the box. This offers a brilliantly low investment for businesses wanting to retrofit an existing workplace.

  • By empowering wellness in the workplace, we hope that MOVI can contribute positively to a more healthy society and community. Movement at work simply equates to better health, happiness and productivity - something we think the world could do with a lot more of. As a Melbourne based startup, MOVI is our first physical product. But this forms only part of the picture as we strive to become leaders in workplace wellbeing and education. We have already published a book, write regularly on the topic, and aim to release more wellbeing and sustainability focused products off the back of our success.

  • MOVI travels straight up and down, lifts up to 20KG, resists tipping and is rock-solid stable at all times. It also includes an inbuilt reminder system to keep you moving! Designed in collaboration with Tricycle Developments, multiple MOVI prototypes were refined, built and tested to ensure the desk meets the demands of ‘power users’. MOVI is capable of lifting more than any other standup desk converter and has been engineered and tested to over 10,000 cycles. The motivation for our innovative electric lift feature is to reduce back strain and complexity when switching between positions, especially for users with multiple monitors.