Motium MPP-1020 TUFF Panel In-Vehicle PC

  • 2016

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    Commercial and Industrial

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For commercial and emergency vehicles, reliable, connected in-vehicle computing is critical for optimal efficiency.

The TUFF Panel PC has been purpose designed, engineered and built to provide uninterrupted performance in the harsh realities of the field, including dust, water ingress, glare, temperature extremes, continuous use and vibration.

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  • The Motium TUFF Panel is a fully functional PC developed for maximum compatibility from small forklifts to large mining trucks. The Intel processor, HD graphics, and up to 4GB of RAM combine to support all current and next-gen software for Windows, Linux and Android. Industry-standard 75mm VESA bracket provides unrivaled easy-mount integration in a range of cabin locations for excellent accessibility. It includes an array of I/O ports, and a number of customisations and upgrades to suit the most demanding applications, while keeping the base unit affordable for large fleets. Tuff Panel is easily OEMed, with customer-specific labelling and bumper colours while internal electronics can also be customized

  • The MPP-1020 excels in harsh environments, including temperatures from -40 to +65 degrees C and 90% humidity. The heat-dissipating back casing and ultra-efficient LED display contribute to extraordinarily low power consumption for continuous use for 5-7 years versus the standard 2. A hi-vis silicone impact bumper doubles as a grip and gasket enabling the fan-less sealed casing to achieves IP65 protection with no maintenance. Tuff Panel has in-built load-dump and transient protection for 12V and 24V systems, while an optional internal UPS battery provides 30 minutes run time if vehicle power is disconnected. The TUFF PC is assembled in Australia by Motium for a high level of quality assurance.

  • Motium's unique high brightness, sunlight readable touch LCD, combined with automatic backlight control provides the operator with a highly readable interface. The brightness is made possible by Motium's unique ultra-efficient 1,200nit LED backlight matrix. The impact resistant 10.4 inch screen has an anti-glare finish with a wide viewing angle. A selection of easy-to-apply films are provided for high wear situations to protect the anti-glare finish. A low profile sealing bezel ensures the entire screen is usable as an input device. The screen's 1024x768 output resolution display allows for maps and other information to be displayed in an easily readable way for the operator.

  • Because Motium serves large and small customers across mining, public safety (police), busses, trucks, fleet management, aircraft, and industrial automation, a vast array of wired, wireless and expansion I/O ports are available for unrivalled flexibility. Connectivity includes 2x CAN Bus, 3x RS-232 serial ports, 3x USB 2.0, 4x Digital I/O, Composite Video Input, 10/100 Ethernet and. Storage ports include 1x mSATA SSD up to 256GB and 1x MicroSD up to 64GB. Quick Connect offers easy connection, and cable ports are accessible from the sides, even after the device is mounted and installed. TUFF Panel comes optionally pre-installed with Mini PCI Express WLAN and Cellular Cards, and others are available on request

    At only 55mm thick and weighing 2.3kg, the 1020 is setting a new standard in an industry where competing products are upwards of 120mm thick and weigh as much as 10kg. The slim-line form of the product, with its thin, floating edges give it a visual lightness, while maintaining a ruggedized appearance. The main body protrudes from the back of the screen, and the mounting points are integrated with the cooling fins. This allows the connecting cable ports to connect from the recessed sides and be physically protected, and visually uncluttered, without adding extra depth.