Mother of All Rollers

  • 2014

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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  • CiiLOCK Engineering

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CiiLOCK Engineering

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The importance of eco- friendliness, weather resistance and safety in architecture has consequently pressured door fabricators to uphold the increased demand for highly sustainable double and triple glazed panels. CiiLOCK Engineering’s Mother of All Rollers’ ingenious design offers the industry a solution to maintaining these requirements. Inspired by the brilliance and supportive strength of the Ancient Roman Arches, the Mother of All Rollers’ intelligent self-levelling mechanism contrasts traditional designs via its ability to sustain 300kg panels – all while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, slim profile that accommodates a diverse range of extrusions.

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  • The inspiration behind the Mother of All Rollers' is derived from the incredible supportive structure of the Roman Arches. Based on pressure, the design operates upon an ingenious self-levelling mechanism that ensures even weight distribution across the three wheels and eliminates all bending forces commonly associated with conventional 'see-saw' rocking mechanisms, as well as accommodating any imperfections in the door or track. Upon application of the glass panel, a downward force exerted on one wheel causes it to sink into the carriage and in turn, forces the other wheel up; ultimately increasing the downward force exerted onto the second wheel.

  • Fitting the roller within the vast range of existing sliding door extrusions is vital, eliminating the need to manufacture and produce new extrusion systems. Coupled with the increased push for higher energy rated double/ triple glazed panels and the ability to hold their much higher mass is essential. Achieving architect requirements, the Mother Rollers ingenious self-levelling mechanism increases the load rating by up to 50% - supporting up to 300kg panels, while maintaining its fit into existing extrusions. The outer casing can also be modified to fit a large range of extrusion profiles - all without reducing load bearing capacity.

  • Roller durability and lifespan is increased when properly aligned and the coefficient of fiction is lowered. Aluminium and specifically glass sags over time from imperfections in the track, requiring a self-levelling mechanism. Materials must be used to correctly nest and accommodate small changes in panels and track over its lifespan, making sure the load is spread evenly. Engineered polymer was specifically chosen for its characteristics to provide a lower coefficient of friction, higher durability and rigidity under load, therefore, the rollers lifespan can be drastically increased and rolling friction reduced Ð along with the force required to operate the door.

  • Specifically designed to make installation for fabricators easier. Installing and adjusting sliding door panels can take up the bulk of the installation time and be quite tricky. Reducing installation time, man power and ease of installation for the end user were important factors. With the Mother of All Rollers, precise adjustment (up to 14mm) can be made with a house-hold phillips or flat head screwdriver via an M8 screw located at the edge of the door. Adjustments can be made by fabricator or home owner without the need to disassemble and whilst fully load bearing.