Monte Sugi – Designer Doorware

  • 2023

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Joseph Di Benedetto

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Monte Sugi is a Japanese timber preservation method that has been brought to door hardware in our Sho Sugi Ban collection. Our Monte Sugi handles are meticulously crafted using a hot charring process, resulting in a visually striking blackened finish that complements a wide range of interior styles

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  • The Monte Sugi Timber Door handles collection was created to fill the gap in the architectural door hardware market for incorporating the Sho Sugi Ban technique into architectural hardware. While we had seen this technique being used for internal and exterior wall panels and doors in modern designs, it had not been applied to door furniture. This traditional Japanese timber preservation method presented a unique challenge for door hardware, requiring a delicate and precise hot charring process to achieve the blackened finish without destroying the timber in the early stages.

  • Inspired by the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, we crafted a collection of door hardware under the Monte Sugi name. Its range of levers, entrance pulls, and cabinetware blend seamlessly with decorative panels, offering architects and interior designers unique options to elevate their projects. We refined the design and tested each prototype to ensure the final product exceeded expectations. The collection fills the gap in the market for incorporating this technique into interior design projects and provides a visually stunning and durable solution.

  • The Monte Sugi collection offers architects and designers unique and innovative handles while also providing a long-lasting and environmentally conscious solution. With the preservation method known to last for 80 years, it offers a low-maintenance and completely recyclable product. The collection's value for money at the intended price point increases the brand value and community standing of the client organisation, resulting in a positive economic and social return on investment. Overall, the Monte Sugi collection is an exemplar of good design in architecture, inspiring positive change and contributing to a more sustainable future.

  • The Monte Sugi Timber Door Handles collection is a truly unique and innovative product that combines traditional Japanese timber preservation techniques with contemporary design. The handles are made from American black walnut and undergo a multi-step process that involves flaming and charring the wood to achieve a striking deep black finish. The finished product is brushed with a wire to accentuate the natural grain of the wood and then protected with a natural oil that requires no maintenance over the lifespan of the handles. Designers have the option to customize their designs by choosing handles with or without metal casings. The unique finish and innovative design of the Monte Sugi collection create a visually stunning and functional solution for architectural projects, providing architects and interior designers with a unique option to enhance their projects and create a lasting impression on the users of the space. The Monte Sugi Timber Door Handles collection truly represents a balance between traditional techniques and contemporary design, resulting in a product that stands out in the market and provides a functional and visually appealing option for designers.