Monarch Mini Sealants, Adhesives and Compact Caulking Gun

  • 2015

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Australian Brushware Corporation Pty Ltd

Commissioned By:

Michelle Wee

Designed In:


MONARCH MINI™ is a brand new innovative range of sealants, fillers, adhesives and accessories for the sealant market. This new range of products brings a much easier way to apply sealants or adhesives compared with using traditional products. Featuring the concept of ‘Less Is More’, Premium Quality Materials, Reducing Wastage, and enabling access to tight and confined spaces.

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  • The Monarch Mini's unique and compact sealant cartridge features a shorter length and a smaller diameter, making it easier to control and apply. Reaching into tight spaces where conventional caulking guns cannot. The Monarch Mini Compact Caulking Gun is lightweight, easy to use and reduces the length of your working product from 650mm (using a convention cartridge and gun) to 420mm (using a monarch mini cartridge and compact gun).

  • The Monarch Mini Compact Caulking gun has been designed with a locking nut enabling easy connection of the cartridge, greater stability and more control when caulking. The gun also has an inbuilt cartridge opener eliminating the need to use a knife/chisel to open your silicone/adhesive hence removing safety concerns with cutting yourself. The Compact caulking gun also offers a dripless function minimising excess material from dripping out of the cartridge when not in use. The gun is also equipped with an ergonomic handle grip enabling consumers with smaller hands to have more control, and enabling elderly people to caulk effectively with less strain.

  • Monarch Mini Range of Sealants & Adhesives and Accessories was designed to help get all the small jobs done around the home. Traditionally consumers would have to purchase a large tube of sealant/adhesive when they only needed a really small amount of material which leads to wastage of product but also the need to spend more money than necessary. Almost all the time the large tube of sealant/adhesive dries out before you can go back to use it again.