Mito Sospeso

  • 2018

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Occhio GmbH

Designed In:


The Mito sospeso seeks to advance the capabilities of LED lighting in both commercial and residential settings, utilising state-of-the-art technology to exceed consumer expectations.

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  • Versatility, user-friendliness, premium lighting calibre, high energy class and harmonious aesthetics are all critical elements which were kept in mind during the design of the Mito sospeso. It proves that all of these aspects can come together with uncompromising quality.

  • It is versatile in that it can be applied to a range of interior settings and is seamlessly height-adjustable. It can be dimmed and its light temperature can be altered without the need for buttons or switches. Its user-friendliness is shown in its use of touchless gesture control. It can also be operated via remote control or the Occhio Air app for the iPhone/Android. The sospeso also has an outstanding CRI of 95 with an EU A+ energy efficiency class; all packaged in a streamlined, minimalist halo-shaped fitting.

  • The sospeso impacts the lighting market as it pushes the boundaries of user control and lighting customisation and makes cutting-edge technology accessible to the public. It effortlessly adjusts the ambience of its environment, and its form means that it fits sleekly into any setting, whether it’s a hotel, boardroom, restaurant or family home. Its high energy efficiency class means that its impact on the Earth is reduced without compromising light quality.

  • The sospeso is available in matte white or black, matte silver or gold, rose gold and bronze, making it even more adaptable to a range of interior design settings. It is available as a single or double fixture with two pendants hanging from a singular ceiling mount. It utilises optical silicone to provide glare-free illumination. The reel mechanism ensures that the sospeso always stays level when its height is being adjusted. It is part of an extensive family of mounted lights and soon-to-be-released floor and table lamps.