Misty Lady

  • 2020

  • Communication

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Salt Bags

Designed In:

New Zealand

Misty Lady home compostable vacuum seal bags were created to disrupt the use of plastic bags by hunter gatherers in the fishing, hunting and adventure industry. Misty Lady is a zero waste product, the home compostable vacuum seal bags are protected by FSC paper envelopes, printed with black algae ink.

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  • The Problem with the fishing and hunting industry is the amount of plastic packaging that is used to hunt and also package the catch. For an industry built on a love for the great outdoors, the industry supports plastic. Plastic film and bags used to store fish and meat is made from plastic that isn't recycled, that is sent to the landfill - or discarded/blown into the environment. The paper envelope packaging is made from sustainably grown/managed paper and we used ink that is completely free of petrochemical black pigment, we use ink made from byproduct of the spirulina industry.

  • Our design solution was to create packaging that stands out. Misty, our grunge mermaid attracts hunter/gatherers to provide a sustainable packaging solution. Every material from the paper, printing ink through to the actual biofilms used to construct the vacuum seal bags are zero waste. Our vacuum seal bags are made from cellulose film from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees and other special home compostable bioplastics. Our adhesives are certified home compostable to have minimal impact on the environment. We believe we have exceeded the brief through the use of new materials, zero waste products and packaging and design that cuts through.

  • Misty Lady Home Compostable Vacuum seal bags are New Zealand and Australia first commercially available zero waste packaging option for the hunting and fishing industry. We developed the combination of biofilms to work as a vacuum seal bag, commercially scalable with design led thinking - characterising the packaging with notes to old boat names and a design reference to Metallica and all things grunge. We have chosen to enter a new category that was stale and ready to be disrupted with illustrative design, die cut peak through to material innovation in bioplastic and ink innovation. Misty is your lady #welovemisty

  • Misty Lady by Salt Bags To create Misty, we looked at the problems in the fishing and hunting industry and sought to change, educate and disrupt an old industry. Misty Lady is a zero waste product. - Certified home compostable vacuum seal bags - Certified home compostable film - Certified home compostable adhesive for laminating films - Sustainably grown and managed film - Sustainably grown and managed paper for envelope packaging - Environmentally friendly black algae ink was used for printing instead of petrochemical black - Die cut packaging to showcase the film and bags and add an effect of scales on Misty Lady's tail. The key problem with the fishing and hunting industry is that meat and fish needs to be stored and plastic bags are the main way hunter gatherers store this. Plastic is polluting the earth, found in the deepest part of our oceans in the smallest of organisms. Petrochemical black ink pigment is made from the oil industry, an industry we don't want to support. Plastic bags used to store fish and meat can't be washed and reused, they will stink and risk contamination. A new bag is needed each time, Misty Lady is a completely zero waste alternative to plastic bags.