• 2015

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  • Eidos Institute and Wiliam

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Eidos Institute

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MindHive is a state-of-the-art online crowdsourcing platform, providing an open innovation approach to tackling the most difficult policy and strategy challenges. MindHive leverages collective intelligence in an easily accessible and innovative online format, supporting new conversations with new people, on pressing issues. It is driven by a desire to convert evidence- based policy design into action and to accelerate the delivery of concerted policy solutions. MindHive makes policy and strategy more tangible, allowing those with the expertise and experience to contribute quickly and effectively to problems of great importance to society as a whole and to the institutions that inhabit it.

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  • We explored and investigated avenues for creative themes that include MindHive's makeiup and culture and values that need to be central. The design was based on four principles: Innovation ( re-thinking - application of new solutions that neet market requirments); Typographic/Initial Letter Based (Whilst everything esle can be tricky, at the core,ie MindHive is something that's clean and simple); Eureka Moment (Again since the business is about making things better, coming up with that brilliant change); Documents and Writing (Its also about re-writing these policies). A colour palette was developed for MindHive - (royalty & wisdom); (harmony & refreshment); (sophistication and security).

  • MindHive has been designed with the concepts of integration and efficiency in mind. MindHive has been designed in cooperation with the end-user (licence-holdMindHive Account Managers are tasked with guiding organisational clients through the MindHive Methodology for online policy and strategy development to ensure that a high-quality outcome is produced through a staged process that mirrors yet improves the existing policymaking model. MindHive staff also receive client requests and suggestions for new features as an important source of new ideas for execution. This achieves engagement by all stakeholders and a flexibility to the market that ensures all aspects of the platform are responsive to their needs.

  • User experience and usefulness of MindHive (in the formulation and solving of policy and strategy problems) has been critical to its success and is continually updated to respond to user feedback and improve the intuitive design and functionality of the platform. MindHive is designed to benefit all users and give access to important policy debates to members of the research community. The site has been constructed to banking standards, with encrypted databases and daily penetration testing. OpenVAS is used to ensure this standard is maintained. Eidos Network has partnered with one of Australia's most influential web development companies - Wiliam (designers for Get-Up, Big W, Toshiba).

  • MindHive Beta was released in May 2014. Licensing subscriptions are managed by the Eidos Institute. Our licence holders have issued private and public projects into the Hive for contributions. Who are its predecessors/competitors? The are no competitors to MindHive. The strategy sought to build on TED's idea presentation, Kickstarter's funds generation, Get-Up's mobilization, Kaggle's time limits, Freelancer's market, The Conversation's translation, Hungry Beast's animation, Code for America's time lining, Chatham House's confidentiality. The MindHive website (www.mindhive.org). Interested organizations and contributors can sign up online, add themselves to the expanding subscription database.

    The MindHive platform is complimented with a MindHive Methodology for policy and strategy generation that takes the best elements of the existing policy development model and adds a technological twist to achieve greater efficiencies by fostering a frictionless market for expertise in diverse fields of research and competence. MindHive has been awarded 3rd in the Anthill Magazine 2014 SMART 100; Australian Top 100 Cool Company Finalist; Top 10 for the Vivid Ideas Readers' Choice Award 2014 and 2014 Australian Business Awards. The web platform will allow for the autonomous expansion of Eidos nationally, and globally, through providing a sustainable platform and model through which different countries can operate

    Through collaboration, perspectives and expertise are maximized. There is access to an expanding database of experts who can gather across geographical boundaries. There is choice in the expert opinion sought giving flexibility. Best of all- it's time and cost effective. Organisations can use MindHive to construct solutions quickly and easily by outsourcing the hard work of thinking to the Hive. Talk to your organisation about purchasing an institutional licence with us and get started on a Policy Challenge today. The end result is a high-quality strategy or policy document. As a MindHive Licence-Holder, organisations gain access a high-calibre network of individuals across industry and sector boundaries.

    Sometimes seeking closed innovation solutions that were isolated from experts because of perceived barriers. This may be due to problems in sourcing complementary partners. When collaborations were formed, resources can be allocated away from achieving outcomes and towards governance. There may also be malalignment in core beliefs between collaborators leading to one-off partnerships. Who are its predecessors/competitors? The strategy sought to build on TED's idea presentation, Kickstarter's funds generation, Get-Up's mobilization, Kaggle's time limits, Freelancer's market, The Conversation's translation, Hungry Beast's animation, & Code for America's time lining.