Miele Pure Line Oven with M-Touch Controls

  • 2014

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Miele & Cie KG

Commissioned By:

Miele & Cie KG

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True to Miele’s ‘immer besser’ philosophy of continual improvement, the H 6860 BP offers users innovative design opportunities, superior ease of use and above all, perfect cooking results. At its core function – cooking – the Miele H 6860 BP excels by offering a set of automatic programmes developed by Australian Cooking Specialists to cater for local tastes with local ingredients, virtually promising guaranteed success. Easily accessed via the innovative M-Touch controls, budding home chefs can achieve perfect results when cooking pork belly, beef wellington, rack of lamb, a chocolate hazelnut cake and most importantly, the iconic Pavlova.

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  • Proprietary user interface with a large, multi-colour, clear text TFT sensor touch display with multiple points of access - touch, swipe, scroll or direct entry via numerical key pad. Developed in-house to meet Miele customer's uncompromising expectations into built quality, longevity and ease of use over 20 years. Cater for a global audience with over 50 different language options including traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese as well as Italian, French and Greek, of course, and 12 different selections of English to reflect local names for ingredients.

  • Signified by an elegant and restrained, yet highly contemporary appeal through the use of expanses of glass with stainless steel highlights and an emphasis on horizontal lines. Designed to allow perfect matching with complementary PureLine appliances such as steam combination ovens or built-in coffee machines for a truly personalised configuration in a block of four, a panoramic configuration or even a T-shape set-up. When combining the H 6860 BP with other PureLine appliances, a harmonious look is created by means of continuous lines from handles and control panels, as well as lay-out and colours of user interfaces.

  • The PureLine handle stands out as an iconic design feature. It lends the design character by giving the impression that it is floating on the surface by means of handle supports in the same colour as the door glass. Use of brushed stainless steel creates a superior haptic impression reassuring the user about their purchase decision and reinforcing the solidity of the German engineering.

  • CleanSteel, Brilliant white, Obsidian black and Mink allow the kitchen designer ample scope for perfect integration into 'traditional', 'contemporary' or 'modern' kitchen environments. The levity of Brilliant white is accentuated by a chrome handle and perfectly suited for white or any light kitchen designs. A matt brushed aluminium handle reinforces the cool elegance of Obsidian black in stark kitchen surrounds, while the unique Mink with the same handle material integrates well into warm, earthy coloured kitchen environments.

    The minimalistic, puristic and elegant analogue clock face is synonymous with Miele's 'PureLine' design. It is a core design detail that signifies the core Miele values, marrying the modern and innovative with the traditional, which have been the cornerstones of continued market success for this 115 year-old German brand that to this day remains owned and managed by the fourth Generations of the founding Zinkann and Miele families.