Miele Combi Steam Oven DGC 7840

  • 2020

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    Domestic Appliances

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Miele Australia Pty.Ltd.

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With its latest Combi Steam Oven, Miele has introduced a sophisticated new function which is specifically designed to make the most out of readily available ingredients in the fridge, effectively assisting consumers to conjure up delicious meals in less than 30 minutes and reduce their food wastage.

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  • Media reports suggest that each year around 4 million tonnes of food is send to landfill in Australia, and the average Australian household discards up to 20% of the food they purchase. Miele's designers were tasked with the goal of finding a way which would encourage consumers to reheat of cook healthy and delicious meals with readily available ingredients from their fridge, including leftovers, rather than discarding them. This process had to be quick and simple for everyday use, suitable for a wide variety of different foods and be based on an existing product platform.

  • Miele's new "Mix&Match" function in their latest Combi Steam Oven employs intelligent process technology to produce healthy food in no time. With "Mix&Match", consumers can combine different foods and cook or reheat them in less than half an hour. All the foods can simply be placed inside the appliance at once and taken out at the end of the programme. In this way, it is possible to conveniently cook a full plate of food with different ingredients without having to worry about different cooking durations and temperatures. The Miele@mobile App will assist in the selection of compatible ingredients.

  • Commercially, Miele's latest Combi Steam Oven has the potential to make a significant positive impact on Miele's overall business performance. As a hero product in Miele's latest Generation 7000 range, it is expected to become one of the key drivers in its category. The new "Mix&Match" function also has the potential to make a positive environmental impact: the fact that consumers can fully utilise available food leftovers from their fridge to quickly and simply prepare good quality everyday meals, rather than discarding them, can make a valuable contribution towards reducing the amount of food leftovers potentially going to landfill.

  • The product is a true 3-in-1 appliance, combining the best performances from a multifunction oven, a true steam oven, as ell as many combination cooking programmes. The new VitroLine design is available in a range of colours, dispenses with any form of stainless steel and is a perfect match for most modern kitchen worlds. Its intuitive M Touch controls are perfectly flush and provide full text information on all available functions and settings. This latest Miele Combi Steam Oven is a true multi-talent, thanks to its exclusive combination of features, including automatic menu cooking, quantity-independent cooking, an automatic keeping warm function, DualSteam injection with external steam generation, a wireless food probe and a stainless steel oven interior with a linen structure for ease of cleaning and maintenance.