Miele Blizzard CX1

  • 2018

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    Domestic Appliances

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Miele Australia

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Proverbial Miele quality, excellent cleaning results and extremely convenient and hygienic emptying of the dust container are the most prominent benefits of the Blizzard CX1. The first Miele bagless vacuum cleaner also is much quieter than what most users have come to expect from products in this category.

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  • A common problem with many types of bagless vacuum cleaners was the fact that cleaning performance and user convenience, particularly with respect to hygiene when emptying the container, was severely lacking. The much-feared billowing cloud of dust on some units was not only unhygienic, but could even pose potential health risks for some users. So Miele tasked its engineers to develop a bagless system which overcomes the inherent disadvantages of this type of machine as far as was humanly possible, and which does justice in every respect to Miele’s “Forever better” brand promise.

  • The air on most bagless vacuum cleaners passes through a series of small cyclones. This involves changing the direction of the air many times, which is rather noisy and inefficient. Instead, Miele opted for a mono-cyclone system in which air only passes through one single and considerably larger cyclone. This ensures very good cleaning performance and also facilitates the separation of coarse and fine dust. Thanks to its multi-stage filtration system the main dust container only contains the coarser particles which are less likely to become airborne, and can be completely emptied without risking skin contact with the debris.

  • In commercial terms, as Miele’s first bagless vacuum cleaner the Blizzard CX1 has the potential to make a significant positive impact on Miele’s overall business performance. The substantial long-term investment in R&D and design is projected to result in a significant increase in sales and market share. Whilst Miele maintains that top-class bagged vacuum cleaners continue to be the most hygienic floorcare solution, bagless units excel in terms of follow-on costs. The fact that Miele now has exceptional products in its lineup to satisfy both types of consumers is poised to lead to even greater customer loyalty.

  • To address the unique bagless technology as well as the classic Miele approach of uncompromising quality and hygiene, Miele created a special look for this vacuum, which follows the classic Miele design DNA and looks modern and exciting at the same time. The Blizzard CX1 shares a host of typical Miele features with its bagged counterparts, such as integrated accessories, electronically adjustable suction power and four castor wheels. One of its most innovative features is the thorough separation of coarse and fine dust. Whilst coarse dust particles are deposited in the main dust bin, fine dust is retained by the separate pleated Gore®CleanStream® fine dust filter. This filter is located in a separate container inside the unit and is not affected by the dust box cleaning process. The filter features sensor-controlled ComfortClean self-cleaning which ensures constant air flow. In normal use, this easily removable filter container should be rinsed once or twice a year under running water, whereby the user is prompted to do so by the sensor controls. All components are designed in such a way that the user does not come into direct physical contact with dirt, neither when emptying the container nor when cleaning the filter.