• 2020

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Blender Design - Oliver McDermott
  • Jeffrey Xu
  • Brian Lai
  • Hazel Davies
  • Haydn Jack

Commissioned By:

Micropod Ltd

Designed In:

New Zealand

Inspired by indoor farming, micropod blends functionality and aesthetics to bring gardening into the home. Designed to be eco-friendly it enables anyone to grow healthy, nutritious microgreens by just adding water. The patented seed mats are packed with organic nutrients and evenly spaced seeds, yielding the perfect harvest every time.

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  • Fresh produce is normally distributed using unnecessary amounts of single-use plastic packaging, transported hundreds of kms. All the while, nutrients are lost day-by-day. The mission: to make growing microgreens super easy, sustainable and affordable for anyone! We found that there were many people that wanted the benefits of home-grown greens but they lacked the space, time, climate or know-how. We set out to rethink the experience of growing Microgreens, and create a solution that would integrate seamlessly into people’s lives.

  • The Micropd Starter kit consists of a water tray, a humidity lid, two honeycomb trays and a packet of six seed mats. The core of the Micropod system is the patented Seed Mat, which is made from Organic wood and coconut pulp, organic nutrients and 441 perfectly spaced seeds. The design of the seed mat was developed and optimised over two years to ensure the best growth performance for each variety of microgreen. The square shape and size was carefully chosen to deliver the right sized harvest, to grow on a window sill and to meet the ideal price point.

  • The Micropod starter kit blends functionality and aesthetics that will compliment any home, and is designed to sit on any windowsill or a warm sunny spot. Just add water, and enjoy fresh microgreens in less than 2 weeks. The simplicity of the growing experience helps people develop a relationship with their food and it’s origins, something that is missing in today’s world.

  • The simple, but not so simple grow tray is made from compression molded bamboo fibre compound which has a luxurious feel and quality weight to it. The water volume and depth of the tray are carefully calculated for the hydroponic system to work. The grow tray was designed to fit on a window sill, easy to clean, and be visually appealing in a modern kitchen. The Lid is an important part of the system designed to create a dark humid environment for the seeds to germinate, with just enough ventilation to prevent mould. After the germination phase, it fits perfectly underneath as a tray. The lid was also our opportunity to use colour and create a nice contrast with the white tray. Popular, muted colours that fit into modern homewares and kitchen design were chosen. The honeycomb trays are injection molded PP, designed with optimal grill spacing and a handle on one side for lifting them out. They can slide side to side to open up a space to pour in the water and check the level. A subtle water level indicator is also included on the side of the tray.