Method Twenty

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Method Recycling

Designed In:

New Zealand

Method has designed a Twenty Litre bin to join their product family. More than just a bin, they’re designed to make a difference, a commitment to changing workplace recycling behaviours. The bins made from 80% recycled materials are designed to enact behaviour change through consistency and visibility.

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  • International coworking provider The Office Group loved the Method Sixty Litre bins, philosophy of visible recycling and ethos but saw a gap in our existing product mix. Specifically, the co-working industry is seeing expansive growth in small studio spaces for teams of 6 - 10 people. This led to in-depth market research that identified other ‘forgotten’ spaces where a lone dustbin may sit if 60L bins are too large, such as meeting rooms, kitchenettes or event spaces. We needed to create a smaller solution that complemented the current range while maintaining consistency, flexibility and a user focus.

  • The Twenty maintained product and branding attributes while considering the needs of all individuals that interact with the product including cleaners, facility managers, users and management. Cleaners interacted with early prototypes to ensure they can safely, easily and hygienically service a large number of the bins. We considered the lifetime impact of the bins - are they efficient to clean, reduce logistic emissions given the relatively large product and ensured the packaging is simple, effective and fully recyclable. Lastly does it aesthetically and functionally develop Method’s Open Plan Recycling System, making recycling a part of the office and creating awareness.

  • Method as a whole exists to show how design can enact sustainable behaviour change in the recycling and waste space. The 20L bins allow our customers to implement a consistent and standardised solution out in the open in their workplace, venue or university, this increases awareness and makes recycling an unconscious habit. Further, in 2019 we utilised over 44 tonnes of recycled plastic in our 60L bins which only contain 50% recycled materials. So with the 20L bins containing 80% we have the opportunity to divert even more plastic from landfill.

  • Smaller bins are often emptied into larger receptacles so they feature a built-in, easy-grip handle to make servicing simple and safe. There’s also a notch out of the top of the bin to indicate its location. The aperture of the chute was tested extensively to ensure ease of use with the users approaching the bin from a different angle. The draft angle of the bin was optimised for efficient stackability and manufactured in three parts to reduce operating costs and the environmental footprint of shipping - while still being simple to install by office managers. Method is yet to find a reliable and sufficient source of clear recycled polypropylene for the coloured parts of the bin. So the Twenty was designed to maximise black components without losing the brand and behaviour change elements. Like our 60L it was designed with an aesthetic to fit into a wide range of spaces from architects to accountants. Method’s Patented Bag Retainer System is a key feature in all of our bins, it locks liners in place while hiding them from sight to maintain the aesthetic while making the bins simple, quick and hygienic to service.