• 2018

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Designed By:

  • Linda Ann Kissell

Commissioned By:

Carrie Ann Kissell-Myatt

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Mamma-pillow is an environmentally friendly multi-purpose support pillow designed to gently support a baby's head and neck during feeding sessions. The unique pillow positions a baby into an optimal feeding position and can help combat gas, reflux and regurgitation and assist mothers with the problems and discomfort usually associated with infant feeding.

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  • I struggled to feed my first child due to shoulder, neck, back and arm pain. With baby number 2 on the way, I had to make feeding my newest little one as easy and pain free as possible. With my Mother (a tailoress with over 40 years’ experience) we subsequently set about designing the perfect over arm feeding support pillow.

  • The Mamma-pillo ECO Multipurpose Support Pillow (Mamma-pillo) is an ultra-comfortable, lightweight, robust, support pillow comprising four discrete machine washable components (Two Pillows, A Twin Pillow Case and a removable Outer Cover) packaged as a cylindrical shaped, rotatable, open ended support pillow that can be used in any orientation. The minimalist design is light weight (360 gm average) and keeps pillow surface area to a minimum allowing maximum skin to skin contact for Mum and bub. Mamma-pillo makes feeding more comfortable for mum by providing gentle lifting support to relieve neck, back, shoulder and arm strain.

  • Mamma-pillo is proudly manufactured in Brisbane, has an Australian Trademark and Provisional Patent. Mamma-pillo is unique, combining its innovative design and use of ecologically sustainable materials. Raw materials are sourced within Australia or imported from India or Denmark. SAI Global indicate there is no Australian Standard applicable and risks have been assessed in accordance with AS ISO 10377:2017. $20M Product Liability Insurance is in place. Mamma-pillo’s are currently sold “Consumer Direct” on our website / and instore at The Baby Village (Bondi Junction). Mamma-pillo design and quality assurance deliver a high quality, environmentally friendly, value for money solution.

  • Mamma-pillo, is an Ecologically Friendly (ECO) Multipurpose Support Pillow using either 100% Cotton or 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton for the Two Pillow cases and Twin Pillow Casing. The Outer Cover is made of 100% Cotton, 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton or EKO-TEX 100 Standard Certified Cotton. Each Pillow contains fibre fill material being either recycled PET Fibre, or Corn Fibre. Seams use 100% cotton thread or GOTS Certified cotton thread. The soft breathable design means no more sweaty arms during nursing sessions and makes it easy for new Dads and others to hold and feed baby. Mamma-pillo’s stretchy cover design provides the capability to hold breast pads etc. between the cover and the pillow case. Additional ECO and Organic Mamma-pillo covers may be purchased separately. A ring of elastic at each end can be replaced / sized to suit the wearers arm. Mamma-pillo's have been used as comfort and support pillows for women who have undergone breast augmentations, mastectomies and lymph gland removal and as a compact travel pillow. A growth strategy has been developed to retain manufacture of the Mamma-pillo in Australia, creating small business opportunities using a “piece work” contract model. Mamma-pillo is not a clinical apparatus/device.