Magis Vela Chair – made from magnesium

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Gilli Kuchik and Ran Amitai
  • Magis

Commissioned By:


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In 2017 Eugenio Perazza (founder of Magis) requested designers Gilli Kuchik & Ran Amitai design a light weight chair which expresses the unique qualities of magnesium – strength and lightness . With this brief they set out to design a chair that would be suitable for magnesium in both shape, structure and function.

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  • After exploring magnesium’s properties and manufacturing possibilities, the designers decided to deal with stacking as a main idea, due to the magnesium’s lightweight nature they designed a chair that is intended to be picked up. The aim was to design a long-lasting, sustainable, and elegant magnesium chair that would be the “go to” chair for restaurants, public spaces and residential spaces that needed the versatile functions offered by a lightweight stacking chair.

  • Gilli Kuchik & Ran Amitai design meet the criteria of the brief by utilising the properties of magnesium- strong and light (only 2.5kg) and a readily available natural resource that is also recyclable. The designers hope that magnesium may become an alternative to plastic for this sort of multi-purpose highly adaptable chair that can be used indoors and outdoors in both commercial and residential settings.

  • By using a material such as magnesium for the design of the Vela chair, whilst being durable it can also be recycled- and magnesium is plentiful - it is the eighth most abundant element in the Earth's crust.

  • The total wight of the chair is a tiny 2.5 kg which makes it very easy to stack and move in both commercial and residential applications.