MACH V1 Ultra

  • 2023

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    Domestic Appliances

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MACH V1 Ultra is the world’s first cordless steam vacuum with automatic self-cleaning ability. It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and can deal with all types of messes. Whether you have a pet or are a caregiver, V1 Ultra meets the user’s complex cleaning needs and offers simple yet powerful solutions.

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  • Cleaning various environments and going through complicated cleaning processes is a big hassle. It requires various sizes and types of cleaners, many different detergents, and heavy-duty labor that requires significant time. The challenge for MACH's team was to understand the numerous requirements for cleaning and to apply them appropriately and aesthetically to the product. While drastically reducing the user's cleaning time, we wanted to improve the quality of cleaning and create a healthy living environment. Meeting all of the requirements, we aimed for a design that seamlessly blends into any home décor.

  • V1 Ultra proves that even a heavy-duty performance vacuum can be aesthetically appealing. The combination of an iconic pill-shaped body with a glossy transparent finish and a champagne gold matte frame creates a clear contrast and elegant look. It delivers not only genuinely premium and unique design that differentiate it from others when seen from a distance but also sophisticated details close-up. The illumination effect on clean water tanks demonstrates product status and highlights ozone function. The red LED on the steam nozzle warns users of hot temperatures and informs users of the steam preparation process.

  • We often make bad choices to simplify the annoying cleaning process by using disposable wet wipes or overusing cleaning detergents. This is because, in addition to the cleaning, the process to prepare clean high-energising eliminates repetition and requires significant time. The MACH V1 ULTRA uses a semi-permanent water strap brush, which automatically washes and dries, thus significantly reducing the use of disposable cleaning products. Using detergent can also be adjusted with a simple click, preventing the overuse of chemical products more than necessary. MACH V1 Ultra provides an effective and appropriate cleaning solution.

  • The VI ULTRA is versatile and powerful in any cleaning situation. Its Automatic Cleaning & drying dock simplifies users cleaning process significantly by doing all the dirty work automatically and leaving only to re-fill and empty the water tanks. The LCD display which is located on an ergonomically designed handle shows users the status of the vacuum cleaner in one sight. Real-time adjustable steam and detergent disposal features make cleaning more convenient and efficient. The category-leading battery life offers 16,000PA suction up to 70minutes of runtime, providing a deep clean of your home on a single charge. Mach V1 Ultra’s JetBlade™ technology dries wet floors instantly as it mops, preventing any dangerous slippery floors. The Eco-Clean Ozone™ Technology wipes out 99.9% of bacteria in one go. Hassle-free with no disinfectant solution required. Also, Tesla-Valve lets user control in real-time when and where to dispense detergent at the touch of a button. As the first flagship product of MACH, The V1 Ultra is a statement that even high-performance wireless steam cleaners can bring aesthetic beauty to every home. Packed with market-leading technology, V1 Ultra will introduce the MACH team to the world and show what this brand is capable of.