Lucky Iron Fish

  • 2016

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Lucky Iron Fish

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Lucky Iron Fish is a certified B-Corporation founded to wipe out iron deficiency, which affects 3.5B people worldwide and can result in anemia, weakness, impaired cognition, and illness. Its carefully formulated/tested cast iron fish gives a family up to 90% of their required iron intake when used daily during food preparation.

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  • We factored in cultural considerations as part of the design to ensure maximum adoption of the product, which we believe was pretty innovative and successful. Once we identified that the fish was a symbol for luck in Cambodian culture where Lucky Iron Fish was first introduced, and added an inscription meaning "Lucky" on the body of the Fish, we saw adoption and persistence rates increase significantly. We've also tested and are confident that different iterations of the Fish should perform well in the markets that we are planning to roll out to next.

  • While cooking with iron is not a new idea, we are first to enter the market with the disruptive idea of cooking with an iron ingot that has been formulated and tested for optimal iron absorption. It is easier/lighter to use and transfers iron to food at higher and more consistent levels than traditional iron pots, it does not present side effects as iron supplements do, and it is superior to iron sprinkled powder, which goes stale and affects taste. And it is a much more cost-effective solution: In Cambodia, a $5 Lucky Iron Fish provides the daily iron needs for a whole family for 5+ years; whereas pills cost the average family $30/year. That's a 96.7% cost savings for the average Cambodian family over 5 years!

  • Every batch of Lucky Iron Fish™ is extensively tested for safety and quality to ensure the iron released can be absorbed by the body at a level that will not cause toxicity. We also make sure that there are no contaminants in the iron that might be deleterious to human health. In addition to regular testing, random spot tests are conducted by independent laboratories in Cambodia and Canada. The Bowmanville Foundry, where the international fish is manufactured, achieved ISO 9002 certification in 1996 and undergoes re-audits by SGS International twice each year to ensure continuous improvement of all quality related systems.

  • Lucky Iron Fish is very easy to use. Simply boil the fish for 10 minutes in 1L of water with a teaspoon of lemon juice (or anything acidic), which helps maximize iron absorption. The water can then be stored for several days before drinking. You can also cook using the fish in soups, stews and rice. To clean the fish, simply wash it with water, dry it off completely and store it in a dry place.

    Over time, as iron is leached off the fish into the cooking water, the features on its surface wear down. Lucky Iron Fish typically lasts for five years; we recommend that when the “smile” on your fish has faded it is time to buy a new one.

    Lucky Iron Fish's convex shape ensures that iron is released optimally during the boiling process, from both the top and the bottom of the ingot, while the surface area allows for maximum iron exposure based on the weight of the ingot.