Lucent Collection

  • 2021

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

Sarah Tracton

Designed In:


Handcrafted with the finest Australian porcelain clays, the Lucent Collection is an individualised fusion of fine art, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and functional lighting design. This versatile lighting can be hung in vertical or linear configurations, while the cordless design creates a streamlined and unique aesthetic.

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Image: Sarah Tracton
Image: Jorge de Araujo
Image: Sarah Tracton
Image: Sarah Tracton
Image: Jorge de Araujo
Image: Jorge de Araujo
Image: Sarah Tracton
Image: Sarah Tracton
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  • The Lucent Collection responds to the primary lighting design challenge of seamlessly merging fine art, artisanal craftsmanship, and functionality with cutting-edge fine engineering technology. The secondary design challenge was to achieve profitability as a small business whilst using circular economy practice, sustainability, expensive materials, and small-batch ethical production using "slow clay" methods. The final challenge was addressing the limited access for consumers to customised lighting products that are locally made-to-order using Australian materials by processes that do not harm the maker, the community or the environment.

  • Lucent collection is a handcrafted product, using 100% Australian glazes, clays and LEDs. Every part of the making process meets the standard for circular economy, clay is recycled, with minimal waste and energy outputs. Made locally, there are no overseas freight costs which negatively impact on the environment. The Lucent is versatile to be hung in either vertical or linear configurations. With this design I set out to achieve a cordless, low-voltage result, where the flex cord on one side is eliminated, hung purely by suspension cord, which directs the focus towards the light itself and its handcrafted nature.

  • Lucent Pendant has the benefits of LED lighting; including reduced operating costs from high energy efficiency, lower temperatures and carbon emissions, and user-controlled variability in light level and colour, all of which result in enriching human experiences with quality light that biologically maximises well-being & mood. We live in a throwaway culture dominated by cookie-cutter furniture products that are finite in quality. There has recently been a market shift to greater appreciation of hand-crafted objects made with quality materials, and a move away from homogenous, mass-produced design. This light is sustainably and ethically made.

  • Lucent Collection has a dual mode of existence as a work of art and functional design. It addresses the challenge that a customised made-to-order individualised handcrafted light can meet circular economy standards and be finely engineered, without compromising on beauty. My creative process involves pairing my traditional clay crafting techniques with the finest grade porcelains plus high-end design, manufacturing & fabrication for bespoke architectural lighting applications. The making process involves exploring the infinite possibilities of porcelain clays, whose unique translucent qualities delivers unparalleled iridescent and luminous qualities when paired with energy-efficient LEDs. With varied colour stain additions, marbled chromatic panorama coloured surfaces akin to landscape topography found in the Australian environment are the result. The colour additions are improvised akin to a 2D painted art canvas. The handcrafting process in making this collection involves pouring liquid clay, onto plaster slab. Slip is then poured layer by layer onto the slab, then the sheets are peeled away. The sheets are hand wet/dry sanded, clear glazes and fired twice final to stoneware temperatures of 1280 degrees. The light is then fitted with customised LEDs that minimise energy consumption, ideal for the "green architecture" market.