Lovoc Screen

  • 2023

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Introducing the Lovoc Screen by ThinkingWorks – a sustainable adaptable screen solution that addresses the issue of office furniture waste sent to landfills every year. The Lovoc Screen features a unique and patented design, while its soft and calm aesthetic provides a stylish and functional addition to any office space.

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Image: Thinking Works Design Team
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  • The Lovoc Screen was designed in response to traditional office screens which are labour intensive to make, limited in size options, emit high amounts of volatile organic compounds contributing to poor health and are difficult to dispose of at end of life. Our mission was to craft a modular, high-quality screen that minimises the use of non-recyclable materials, adhesives and polyurethane foam resulting in a more sustainable and lower VOC product. Our primary objective was to create a highly sustainable screen that can be efficiently disassembled at its end of life and repurposed or separated into dedicated material recycling streams.

  • The Lovoc Screen is a sustainable modular screen crafted from environmentally conscious materials. Lovoc contains PET panels made from 60% recycled content and materials diverted from landfill, aluminium extrusions from 80% recycled content and recyclable plastic connectors. The extrusions serve dual functions, providing both screen rigidity and a continuous channel around the screen perimeter which grips the fabric cover over the panel structure. The production process involves zero stitching and minimal glue, allowing for easy assembly without specialized machinery. At the end of its life, the screen can be disassembled into its constituent parts for re-purposing or efficient recycling.

  • The Lovoc Screen’s sustainable design will have a long-lasting positive impact on both end-users and the environment. The Lovoc Screen's adaptive modularity meets the demand for screen products in office spaces by providing interior designers and architects with the freedom to specify screens crafted in virtually any size and have them upholstered in a wide range of fabrics. The Lovoc Screen's ability to be easily disassembled into its individual components not only ensures efficient recycling at the end of its life cycle but also minimizes waste and reduces its environmental impact, promoting sustainability and responsible resource use.

  • The Lovoc Screen has undergone independent VOC testing at a NATA accredited facility, revealing that it emits VOCs at a rate almost 40 times below the allowable limit. The Lovoc Screen is an environmentally conscious and sustainable solution that reduces waste and promotes responsible resource use. Lovoc uses PET panels, which are made of 60% recycled materials, as the primary structural component. During production, a colour dying defect in a production run typically renders the entire batch of PET panels unsellable and destined for the landfill. These panels are repurposed in the Lovoc Screen and covered in decorative upholstery fabrics, providing a second life for materials that would have otherwise been discarded. The innovative flat pack system of the Lovoc Screen's U-shape and L-shape models revolutionizes the way office screens are shipped and assembled. The side panels are shipped separately from the back panel and effortlessly connected on-site with a clever hook and slot system. Unlike traditional screens that are one-piece structures, the Lovoc Screen's flat pack design uses five times less shipping space, drastically reducing carbon emissions during transportation. This cutting-edge feature sets the Lovoc Screen apart from the competition and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly design.