Logitech Zone Learn

  • 2023

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    Consumer Electronics

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United States of America

Zone Learn is a fully customizable headset with swappable on-ear or over-ear pads and cables, making it adaptable for any learning environment.

With Zone Learn, kids can quit fumbling and get immersed in content with amazing audio-visual experiences that bring education to life.

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  • When we began designing a headset for students, we identified a significant problem: there were no headsets designed properly for the demands of educational use. The headsets commonly used in schools were often cheap, disposable adult products that did not fit correctly, were easily broken, and caused distractions in the classroom. This led to poor educational outcomes and increased replacement costs. Zone Learn aimed to solve this issue by creating a comfortable and durable headset that students would enjoy using. The modular design allows worn or broken parts to be replaced individually, making it a budget-friendly option for schools.

  • Recognizing that aesthetics and appearance are important to even young students, we placed significant emphasis on the design of our headset. Our design features a clean and dynamic form with colors that are both academic and youthful. With a wide range of sizes available, our headset accommodates all learners, and optimized around the needs of learners with smaller heads.

  • Swappable earpads and cables, which are parts that are damaged most frequently, allows this product a longer lifespan keeping the majority of the product in cycle without it ending up in the garbage.

  • Comfortable Experience: The headband has a soft comfort layer, plus balanced clamp forces across different head sizes, which keep it in place. Micro-adjustable ear cups conform to the side of the students head, giving them that perfect acoustic seal. Optimal Sizing: With micro-adjustable slider arms designed for smaller heads, ensuring that the headset stays in optimal position. Audio Tuned for Learning: Audio experience tuned for digital learning applications with a focus on voice clarity over standard focus on music. Durably Built: To hold up against day-to-day school usage. Wipe tested and withstands drops of up to 4ft. Plug and Play Connectivity: That works across most devices and operating systems with USB-C, USB-A or 3.5 mm AUX cords. Easily Repair, Update, or Upgrade: With replaceable ear pads and cords—while reducing waste and remaining cost-effective.