Lockwood Brass Core Range

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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The Lockwood Brass Core Range introduces the largest collection of door handles to comply with Australian regulations for access and mobility. Breaking the paradigm that compliance opposes style, the Brass Core range merges purity of form with function, providing inclusive design to suit all aspects of architectural and user needs.

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  • Compliance regulations seek to assure ease of operation for users with mobility impairment, however a long-held perception by architects is that compliance in door handles is synonymous with clinical or commercial. Part of the challenge was to transform this perception of compliance to become a feature not a restriction. Also as one size and shape does not fit all architectural spaces, the challenge was to deliver variety in beautiful designs while still addressing ergonomic comfort, manufacture ease, and longevity. The intention was to allow attractive and inviting designs even in public spaces where functional needs take over style most often.

  • The design approach involved a thorough understanding of the core needs a door handles fulfils to the user, the architectural space, and the elements that enhance the experience of use and accessibility. The Brass Core range introduces 24 new door handle designs of which 70% are compliant with Australian standard for access and mobility AS1428.1, one of the largest range of compliant handles in the Australian market. The range achieves ease of manufacture through well thought silhouettes whilst delivering variety in inviting designs appropriate for all users and diverse architectural spaces. Designed to remain relevant throughout the building’s life span.

  • The Brass Core range addresses a social and commercial impact. As buildings provide the envelope for everyday life, door handles represent the entrance the exit and the transition, and form part of the character of a building. Creating a wide array of attractive compliant door handles is important to incentivize compliance use more than when strictly necessary by regulation. Commercial spaces do not need to distance the user, but rather can be welcoming and inviting. In schools, clinics, corporate buildings, and others, the door handle brings human connection to the built environment through touch. Form needs not to oppose function.

  • The range is proudly designed, customised and assembled in Australia with Lockwood’s trusted quality at its core. The range is entirely made from brass substrate, which provides high performance in durability and corrosion resistance. Brass also presents great cradle to grave characteristics, by being a low friction material it is easy to machine accurately and producing less scrap. At the end of its life cycle brass can be easily recyclable. Supporting versatility the Brass Core range is available in over 12 metal finishes and powder coat colour options. The complete range is covered by Lockwood’s 25 year mechanical warranty in any assembly configuration.