LinktGO Mobile Tolling App

  • 2018

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LinktGO shifts the paradigm in toll road payments: it replaces the physical tag with an app. Using a smartphone’s GPS, LinktGO allows drivers to see toll travel in real time and pay trip-by-trip using just their phones, with no need for a tag and no ongoing commitment.

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  • We challenged ourselves to improve the customer experience – particularly for infrequent users, a group typically unfamiliar with toll roads. Following a Human-Centred design approach, research told us this group wanted easier ways to interact, including the flexibility to pay a single toll without committing to an account. We saw an opportunity to create the only Australian toll road product that met the needs of occasional users. We set out with two objectives: 1. To give infrequent customers the confidence to drive on toll roads freely and easily 2. To help customers feel in control of their toll road payments

  • We decided to create a digital-first experience, using a smartphone – something everyone has in their pocket – rather than a physical tag to create the tolling experience. So we created LinktGO. A world-leading innovation launched in October 2017, LinktGO is a GPS-enabled mobile app that gives customers seamless access to all Australian toll roads. Providing full transparency of trip details and costs, LinktGO puts control of payments in customers’ hands, allowing them to see trips in real time and pay trip-by-trip using their smartphones, with no ongoing commitment. Built-in safety features ensure user interaction is not required while driving.

  • Infrequent toll road drivers lack confidence to use toll roads. They worry about being covered, and paying for tolls feels like hard work. To date, toll payment options have been business- not customer-centric. A customer-first offering, LinktGO introduces a new paradigm in toll payments, providing a “no account feeling” to those who don’t want but could benefit from one. LinktGO simplifies the complex. Customers sign up in minutes and are always covered, meaning no toll notices or fines. The real-time, transparent, pay-as-you-go model of LinktGO empowers customers to drive on toll roads on their terms – feeling confident and in control.

  • Knowing our target user doesn’t want a commitment to toll roads, we had to design a solution that addressed their pain points. This presented several challenges with corresponding solutions: Deliver a seamless, transparent “no-account feeling” tolling experience * Took a mobile-first, real-time approach, making use of smartphones’ GPS technology * Simple sign-up for immediate toll road access * Real-time, detailed trip information for transparency and control * National coverage by integrating pricing for Transurban and non-Transurban roads * A new business model, making all of Transurban’s functions mobile-accessible Provide clarity to customers who don’t understand how to use and pay for toll roads * Designed an easy-to-use, intuitive app, in both user interface and messaging * Established a distinct brand identity to ensure the proposition stands separate to Transurban’s other payment options Accurately track customer travel * Used geo-fencing and partnered with Bluedot, experts in high-accuracy location services Preserve battery life * Bluedot’s proprietary technology ensures heightened GPS accuracy is only activated when the customer is near a toll road, allowing LinktGO to provide extremely precise location information without battery drain Promote safety * Designed LinktGO to not require user interaction while driving through safety warnings and built-in safety features