LifeStraw Community Water Purifier

  • 2015

  • Social Impact

Designed By:

  • Vestergaard

Commissioned By:


Designed In:


LifeStraw® Community is a high-volume water purifier with built-in safe storage that converts microbiologically contaminated water into safe drinking water. It’s a vital tool for community, educational and institutional settings that don’t have access to safe water, leaving populations at risk for diarrheal disease, which kills over 1.5 million people yearly. LifeStraw® Community removes 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.999% of viruses and 99.99% of protozoa, and reduces turbidity. It meets World Health Organization’s “highly protective” category of household water treatment options and complies with US EPA guidelines. Each purifies 70,000 -100,000 liters of water, enough to serve community settings for several years.

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  • LifeSraw® Community was created with school children in mind. It's fun design gets students excited to use the filter, and large transparent storage container allows users to watch the water filter in. LifeStraw Community also has four taps so it can serve four people simultaneously and is easy to use. The built in safe storage container will hold 25 liters of clean water, and avoids recontamination of purified water.