Lifeline’s Support Toolkit — Reshaping the future of mental health self-management

  • 2023

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Future Friendly
  • Maddison Rutter-Malley
  • Shealan Forshaw
  • Oliver Bryant
  • Wendy San and Imogen Kars

Commissioned By:


Ben Middleton

Marcel Jacobs

Dane Glerum

Rachelle Michalow - Lifeline

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The Lifeline Support Toolkit is a revolutionary resource that empowers Australians to proactively manage their mental health. This innovative solution provides easy-to-use, evidence-based support, expanding Lifeline’s value proposition beyond crisis support, into a continuous source of assistance throughout an individual’s mental health journey.

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  • The pandemic underscored the critical need for accessible mental health resources for all Australians. As the country’s most prominent support service, Lifeline observed over one million calls and a 20% YoY growth in web traffic. Though we specialise in crisis support, we recognised the necessity for aid beyond crises, and broaden our services to cater to individuals at every stage of their mental health journey.

  • Lifeline's Support Toolkit offers a solution to the challenge of accessible and effective mental health resources, by leveraging technology to offer personalised and evidence-based support. The Toolkit offers an inclusive and intuitive platform featuring easy-to-find content and resources. Various pathways assist users in discovering relevant material by topic, type of support, current emotional state, and quick access to contact Lifeline directly. “Help-seekers at all stages of their journey can come to Lifeline to access help on their own terms. It helps people to make sense of their experience and take active steps to manage their wellbeing.” — Colin Seery, CEO Lifeline

  • Lifeline's Support Toolkit solution surpasses good design criteria, offering a visually appealing and expertly executed product that advances user experience, setting a new standard for innovation in digital design, with overwhelmingly positive end-user feedback, leading to a >300% increase in engagement. In addition, the toolkit has already connected 1,502 users with crisis support and reached over 29,000 unique users since September 15, 2022, exceeding our target of 15,000 in the first year. This success increases brand value, and community standing, and generates a positive social and economic ROI, marking a significant achievement in accessible mental health resources.

  • Trusted one-stop-shop: The experience aggregates and curates the best tools and resources from the digital health ecosystem and bespoke in-house content. It supports those in need and aids those assisting someone in need. Designed to evolve: Equipped with a roadmap to guide and scale future iterations of the product, including adding new pages and features. It contains a growing collection of tools and resources. Clinical evidence base: Our behavioural change framework, called the 'Wellbeing Journey Framework,' is informed by Lifeline's expertise in mental health. This framework informs everything in the experience, from design through to content, and ensures that the tool not only meets users' needs but helps improve their mental health. User-centric: Validated through one-on-one interviews and testing with 42 Australians from diverse backgrounds who have lived experience with mental health challenges, and thoughtfully designed by a team including individuals with neurodivergent perspectives, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility to a wide range of users. It is endorsed by Lifeline's best-practice Lived Experience Advisory Group. Optimised searching: Includes a unique quiz that enables users to identify the type of help they need quickly and easily, and is followed by a seamless transition to relevant pages, products, and services.