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Lifebroker is the life insurance and income protection comparator of choice for over 465,000 Australians. They came to us in need of a new website that would deliver exceptional user experience, embody a refreshed, warmer tone and promote conversion by simplifying the process of comparing life insurance.

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  • Lifebroker wanted to propel its brand to the next level and become Australia’s leading life insurance and income protection comparator destination. The goal: to share their decade of experience with everyday Australians and empower them to make better decisions when it comes to purchasing insurance. The website needed to reflect the new brand direction, guide users through an intuitive life insurance comparison tool and be focused on conversion optimisation.

  • We designed a responsive website that positions Lifebroker as the go-to for life insurance information and comparison. We identified two key personas: self-directed and set-and-forget. The former wanted in-depth comparison data to make an informed decision, whereas the latter only wanted the best deal. UX and conversion considerations had us build a site for both. An informative section bursts with SEO rich content and a lead-generating part offers light-touch product information and quick paths to calculator and comparator tools. We brought Lifebroker's brand to life through an illustrated avatar that guides users through the site at critical moments.

  • We designed an interactive digital product that satisfied a range of user needs while boosting credibility, visibility and leads. Post website analysis revealed an increase in website performance. a) 84.3% increase in pages per session b) 29.2% increase in session duration c) -28.5% decrease in bounce rate This increase in engagement went hand-in-hand with an increase in leads (+98%), lifting the conversion rate over 300% and fulfilling the task of integrating Lifebroker’s insurance comparison tool with the rest of the site.

  • Conversion-optimised pages: We placed focus on optimising product pages for lead conversion. Product page designs are reminiscent of stand-alone landing pages; incorporating a rich narrative detailing the insurance product and providing users with trust marks, encouraging them to move through to the comparison tool. Hosting infrastructure: We architected the site on a configuration able to scale to handle peaks in traffic. Being a user-centric site, this provides sticky-sessions to assign a single server to a user. All assets are stored on a cloud server directly accessible via the CDN; this offers better caching and site speed. Algolia search experience: We replaced Google Custom Search with Algolia so users could surface content at lightning-quick speeds. This required close collaboration with Lifebroker to customise search logic in a way that balanced the return of relevant content against major user pathways. Behind the scenes, a comprehensive digital launch strategy including integration with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, custom event and goal tracking, and search engine optimisation allowed for Lifebroker to be able to gain deeper insights into how the website was performing to inform ongoing digital marketing efforts.