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Levoons are the only measuring spoon set that feature integrated levelling scrapers. This allows the user to achieve a perfect flat measure for powders and spices using just one tool. The scraper is cleverly integrated into the existing form factor.

Instead of fastening together with a ring or chain, which still allows the individual spoons to become tangled with other items in the drawer, Levoons fasten with a snap-stud. This means that the four sizes stay nested as one compact unit when stored in the drawer, yet easily fan out for individual use. They can also be snapped apart quickly if desired.

Levoons are available as a premium stainless steel set, and a playfully styled, colourful plastic set.

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  • The two different material options reflect their price points, each allowing differences in styling - the cheaper plastic version is more curvy and playful, and the stainless steel version is sleek and modern. Levoons are styled in the same form as a normal spoon, so the extra function does not detract from its intended use. The scraper of the plastic version subtly hints to the extra function by the use of a slightly different colour. A visually appealing effect is created when the product is viewed top down. Each of the four handles starts off the same width at the rear of the product, but each splits off in order to create a ripple effect of different sizes at the head.

  • The function of the measuring spoon has always been to create exact measures. Conventional spoons are compromised because they require the use of a second tool to scrape over the top of the spoon. Levoons has a superior function, as it requires no extra tool to create exact measures. The user is able to scoop and scrape all in the one motion without requiring changing the grip. Levoons also features extra functionality over conventional measuring spoons due to their attachment method. The snap-studs allow the spoons to fan out, or nest neatly in the drawer without spreading out. They can also snap apart for individual use.

  • Levoons are made from food-safe BPA-free polypropylene and 304 grade stainless steel.

  • Levoons are primarily designed for longevity. The welded/overmolded nature of construction, along with thick plastic, and stainless steel means they should last a lifetime. If necessary, however each version can be disassembled down to its components. The packaging is also minimal, and designed to be easily recycled.

    Levoons incorporates appropriately thick, high quality plastic molding, with stainless steel. The selective use of stainless steel gives the product durability, and a quality appearance. This product range is easily translated into the stainless steel option, for enhanced durability and perception of quality. Printed graphics can easily come off plastics over time, so the measuring quantities are embossed into the underlying material of both varieties of Levoons.

    Levoons material choices have been optimised to lean toward both quality and value for money. The kitchenware market typically responds well to problem-solving innovation, so this product is expected to result in a return on investment.

    Levoons is the first and only set of measuring spoons that has an integrated levelling scraper. The design also offers other improvements over conventional measuring spoons in the method of attachment - there are no other measuring spoons that use a snap stud to allow the individual spoons to nest together, fan out, or detach entirely.