Laminex Wall Lining Solutions Button-Fix

  • 2014

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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  • Wills Watson & Associates

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With more than 200 inspiring decors and a variety of finishes available from popular Laminex products, design professionals can easily embrace the flexibility of Wall Panel Solutions to match joinery in commercial settings. To complement the range of globally-inspired panels, Laminex Australia also introduces an exclusive mounting solution, Button-fix – a multi-configurable,secure and secret fixing system, that gives architects, designers and specifiers the ability to easily install and remove panels of any thickness. The Button-fix system allows for 90 degree corners, mitred joins, fine accent details, hidden access panels and hinged doors.

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  • Button-Fix's can be configured to suit your design: surface mount or recess for compactness and strength, orientate for vertical or sideways assembly. Create finely tuned accent details that are too difficult to achieve with other systems. Button-Fix invisibly supports a wide variety of panel materials and thicknesses. Button-Fix can be used with flush or 90 degree mounting configurations. Hinged access panels are also easy to achieve with standard Button-Fix components.

  • Screw the polymer composite buttons to the back of the panel and the Fix to the background structure - or the other way around if you prefer. Simply position the panel and slide until the Button-Fix safely locks home with a 'click'. For large panels with several Button-Fixs or for a more easily removed access panel - the ears of the key hole can be removed with pliers to provide an easily unclicked panel. Security cord accessories are simply added to removable panels to reduce the potential for panels falling. Button-Fix can support 150kg per fixing when correctly installed.

  • With speed of installation and accuracy of alignment in mind, Button-Fix comes with a range of features and accessories designed to make the fitters job on site simple and repeatable. Button-Fix has centre marker tools that snap into the Fix and when the panel is positioned will leave a mark for the Button to be attached, without the requirement for measurement and the associated inaccuracy. Another benefit over traditional split battens is that the Button-Fix can be factory fitted to the decorative panels before arriving on site - adding to speed of installation.