Kurloo Technology

  • 2023

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    Commercial and Industrial

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Mthing Pty Ltd

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Kurloo is a brilliantly simple yet intelligent positioning sensor technology, that is used globally by Infrastructure, construction and mining engineers and asset managers. Kurloo detects relative millimetre precise 4-dimensional movement or critical assets and infrastructure automatically and alerts users to the magnitude, direction, and time of displacement automatically.

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Image: Queensland Rail
Image: Kurloo Technology
Image: Queensland Rail
Image: Intellidesign
Image: Queensland Rail
Image: Queensland Rail
Image: Intellidesign
Image: Kurloo Technology
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  • Displacement and settlement monitoring is often essential in understanding the performance and risks of critical structures in our built and natural environments. Traditional approaches to routine acquisition are expensive, require expert knowledge and complex equipment, often resulting in infrequent monitoring. The challenge for Kurloo was to design a simple and accessible way or acquiring and communicating precise relative displacement. Kurloo had to be self-powered, rapidly deployable, autonomous, highly accurate, intuitive, reliable, and robust for deployment in harsh conditions for at least 5 years.

  • Kurloo overcomes the problems of bulky, expensive, and disjointed surface displacement monitoring systems by integrating proprietary methodologies for high precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) measurements with an Internet of Things (IoT) philosophy, resulting in a compact and simple-to-install and operate device. By adopting ‘Kurloo Nest’ cloud data hosting and processing, over on-board device processing, Kurloo delivers greater simplicity, cost savings, and higher data security. This enhances the scalability of the service, supporting a flock of Kurloos to enhance your site-wide situational awareness and enable users to act in near real time to manage emerging events.

  • Managing natural environments and the ever-growing legacy of infrastructure, all impacted by climate change, is a major challenge in which data science must lead the way. Data science has an equally leading role in delivering construction safely and sustainably with less cost and time overruns. Managing risk and preventing failure occurs when you have the facts, understand the facts, and possess the skills to act accordingly. Kurloo and the Nest Cloud provides the facts to support data science in the prevention of potentially catastrophic failures. It allows engineers to monitor and proactively act more accurately, in more places, more often.

  • The intelligent Kurloo device is expandable and includes a host of smart sensors to support informed decision making. These readings are automatically collated in the ‘Kurloo Nest’ Cloud as opposed to alternative fragmented and manual systems where the data is difficult to gather and correlate. The integral solar panels and battery ensure Kurloo is entirely self-powered. The onboard battery is sufficient to support continued operation for several weeks even in the poorest of solar conditions. The GNSS Antenna and host of onboard environment sensors also communicate gradual and sudden changes in the environment to the user, minimising errors and supporting effective operation. The ‘Kurloo Nest’ is a web interface accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Simply designed and tailed to the needs of the user, the Kurloo Nest analysis functionality is constantly vigilant and automatically informs its users of notable events through Email and SMS alerts.