KraveBeauty Slow Down Skincare

  • 2023

  • Digital
    Game Design and Animation

Designed By:

  • Universal Favourite
  • Designer: Sherry Wang
  • Executive Creative Director: Dari Israelstam
  • Creative Director: Ali Ozden
  • Writer: Amy Scott

Commissioned By:

Illustration/animation: Niceshit Studios

Production Company: Honeymill

Music & Sound: Facundo Capece, Lola Ritcher

Designed In:


Every year the global cosmetics industry produces 120 billion units of packaging. In 2019, 3,000+ new skincare products were launched in the US alone. KraveBeauty launched Slowdown Skincare to inspire other beauty brands to commit to responsible production. Our 2022 campaign highlighted the industry’s obsession with profit over purpose.

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  • KraveBeauty was founded to #PressReset on the skincare industry, but the brand quickly realised the industry’s oversaturation wasn’t just a problem for people, but also the planet. So they launched Slowdown Skincare to inspire other beauty brands to commit to responsible production. Our brief was to create a campaign to enlighten the industry and encourage it to slow down production of new products, as well as to build awareness amongst consumers and encourage them to rethink how they purchase skincare.

  • For their latest campaign, we worked with KraveBeauty to tell the story of Slowdown Skincare through the allegory of the tortoise and the hare. In the spirit of the fable, we wrote a nursery rhyme highlighting the race for “more”—more products, more dollars, more growth—and the way the skincare industry has prioritised profit over purpose. We brought the campaign to life with cell animation, our chosen 'slow' medium, with a cast of uniquely drawn characters and scenes.

  • The Slowdown Skincare campaign launched on Earth Day, providing the perfect global platform to get the message out to the skincare industry. After the launch, KraveBeauty received a myriad of positive press coverage, and was applauded by their customers for taking a strong stand against the “fast fashion” over-production methods of the skincare industry.

  • The team took inspiration for both the sound and visuals from old fables and nursery rhymes, and added a modern and very graphic spin, combining abstract compositions with super dynamic animations and clever transitions.