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  • 2023

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Korea, Republic of

This is a Korean tourism merchandise in the form of a ‘ho-pae’ badge. With the increase in interest in K contents and the adaptation to the COVID-19 era, the number of tourists visiting South Korea is increasing. Therefore, there is a need for merchandise designed for tourists visiting Korea.

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Image: Hopae concept shoot
Image: Hopae Product shoot
Image: Hopae Product shoot
Image: Hopae Product shoot
Image: Hopae Utilization concept shoot
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  • When thinking about what kind of souvenirs could be loved and represent Korea, besides the usual pens, magnets, and snow ball, nothing else came to mind. However, foreigners who visit Korea can easily encounter people wearing traditional Korean hanbok near Gyeongbokgung Palace on weekends, indicating that they are more interested in experiencing Korean culture than buying typical souvenirs. Therefore, there is a need for unique and authentic goods that can naturally immerse foreign tourists in Korean culture during their travels and make them want to take a piece of it home with them after their trip.

  • 'Ho-pae' was a badge used as an ID card in the Joseon Dynasty, which can enhance the experience of Korean travel for tourists, allowing them to conveniently use transportation or experience the unique Korean transit culture. We designed a meaningful and culturally significant item by using 12 zodiac animal characters and birth year imprints on the badge, representing the year of birth. So, I imagine a trend spreading on social media where Korean tourists use the tourist item 'Ho-pae' to certify their zodiac sign and share their travel experiences, leading to a popular trend.

  • The set includes a 'Ho-Pae' badge, an instruction manual, and stickers. The package design features basic geometric shapes and incorporates traditional Korean patterns such as the Taegeuk symbol and Changsalmun pattern. The colors used are red and blue from the Taegeuk and black from the 'Geon-gon-gam-ri' pattern, creating a distinctly Korean aesthetic. The Ho-Pae badge is made of wood and features traditional Chinese and Korean characters, with English engraving on the bottom for non-Korean speakers. The badge is designed to be paired with traditional Korean accessories for a more authentic look, and the set includes 12 stickers featuring cute animal.

  • This is a design that utilizes the shape of the traditional Korean through-patterned 'Ho-Pae.' The package is composed of Korean patterns, and 12 animal characters related to the year of birth are used to provide visitors with a fun experience and increase the collectible value by linking it to the visitor's 12 animal. It is also designed to have aesthetic value as an accessory. Not only is it pretty, but functionality was also considered. It can be used instead of a card when using public transportation while traveling, or when entering the five major palaces in Seoul. This is even more meaningful as it is connected to the old Korean passage culture. Although it is currently just a concept, I am confident that it will become a meaningful and excellent good once it is actually produced.