Kleenmaid Black Krystal 90cm Oven

  • 2015

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Kleenmaid

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The Kleenmaid Black Krystal OMF9022 oven sets a new standard in domestic oven size and functionality.
The 90 x 60cm format provides for a gross internal capacity of 133 lt. This makes it one of the largest domestic ovens on the market in Australia and big enough to cook 6 family size pizzas at once.
Fully featured with 15 cooking functions, including a meat probe, rotisserie and special settings for pizza and bread, means the OMF9022 makes cooking a delight.
The OMF9022 is the top of the range in Kleenmaid’s Black Krystal family of ovens. The black glass and stainless steel styling with the latest in touch control technology make this a must have appliance in todays modern and design conscious home.

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  • Our world exclusive THERMAflow8 technology combines a uniquely engineered fan blade profile and speed with a highly efficient fan shield design which enables heated air within the oven to be evenly distributed throughout 8 cooking zones. Laboratory tests have shown the THERMAflow8 technology ensures even and consistent cooking results whilst only using a single fan. Other ovens of a comparable size require twin fans meaning higher energy consumption to both heat and cool the oven. As a result the Kleenmaid OMF9022 will have lower running costs and a smaller carbon footprint to equivalent sized ovens. THERMAflow8 uses substantially less energy when compared to traditional fan heating technology.

  • Kleenmaid's Black Krystal family of ovens are all manufactured with a nickel free, non-toxic, Oleophobic oven enamel. Nickel is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis and is a common additive to oven enamels. All Kleenmaid's oven enamels are nickel free and hence non toxic. In addition Kleenmaid's enamels employ Oleophobic nano technology meaning that they are oil repelling. This makes the oven much easier to clean and negates the need for energy inefficient and time consuming cleaning technologies such as pyrolytic cleaning which many other oven manufacturers rely on.

  • The door of the Kleenmaid OMF9022 oven consists of 3 sheets of fully removable, hypothermic, thermal reflective glass which ensure the heat that is generated by the oven stays within the cooking cavity and is not lost through the glass. This ensures that the oven is operating at maximum thermal efficiency keeping energy usage as low as possible.

  • The Kleenmaid OMF9022 features 15 cooking functions including a meat probe, rotisserie and special settings for pizza and bread. The OMF9022 even has a setting to turn the oven into a slow cooker. The oven can be operated in traditional cooking mode with upper and lower heating elements or intensive cooking with the operation of the fan. Fan forced baking and a half or full grill are also available. Boost rapid heating means the oven can be pre-heated in only a few minutes meaning that energy is not wasted having to pre-heat the oven for an extended period of time.

    The Kleenmaid Intelli-Logic Electronic Touch Control system is intuitive and simple to use. It features the latest touch control user interface. With a set temperature indicator, timers and alarms the home chef can be in full control of their cooking. In addition there are safety features such as a residual heat indicator which warns how much heat there is in the oven while it is cooling down and a child safety lock to keep the curious at bay. There is even a pause cooking function which allows the operator to pause all functions of the oven allowing them to be re-started at a later time. The volume of the alert tones can also be adjusted by the user. Dual point high mount lighting ensures the