• 2014

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Herman Miller
  • Alexander Lorenz

Commissioned By:

Herman Miller

Alexander Lorenz

Designed In:


KIVO enables you to create free standing structures from a small set of components parts. Designed around the equilateral triangle, KIVO tunes into the needs of the modern work place which must balance the drive for openness, transparency and flexibility with the human desire to escape to places of privacy and enclosure. The lightweight structure and simple fastenings allows the product to be moved and reconfigured easily. The geometry and material properties create acoustic dampening as well as visual screening and the flexibility allows designers to create structures for a variety of functions to suit virtually any need.

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  • KIVO is based on the most efficient and versatile geometric shape available - the equilateral triangle. Using algorithmic mathematics KIVO is able to be manipulated to produce an almost limitless number of shapes and forms to suit any need and any space. Designers can create structures appropriate to a variety of functions and on virtually any floor plate and have the freedom to manipulate and reconfigure as needs change over time.

  • KIVO's lightweight structure and simple mechanical fastenings allow product to be moved and reconfigured. Tiles are applied using magnets meaning it really is easy to adapt and move around as required. Designers are able to simply rearrange the product rather than replacing it.

  • Whether you want to get away from distraction, or screen off distracting activity, the geometry and material properties create acoustic dampening as well as visual screening.

  • Space can be delineated with a powerful architectural statement, or by classic and unobtrusive colours, materials and finishes. KIVO can be used to assist with landmarks in the office and its reconfigurability ensures it creates interest and a focal point in the office.

    KIVO features 100% recycled stainless steel and Fuldex tiles which are 100% recyclable. The back of the tile structure is a polyester fleece which enables the tile and backing to be recycled together. The nature of the product lends itself to reuse and reconfiguring rather than being removed as needs change. Finally as KIVO allows places for meeting and private space without walls being built, it may reduce overall footprint, light consumption and powered air exchange (air conditioning) requirements across the floorplate.