• 2014

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    Housewares and Objects

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  • Anomaly

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Matthew was inspired by a Japanese technique called Kintsukuroi, which is the name given to a process of mending broken ceramics with gold. Matthew used this as the basis of his concept and it became the strength of the collection. The metal inlays become the ‘joining’ mechanism of the two contrasting materials – timber and concrete. Wherever they meet they are joined by the metal detail. It changes and is stylised from the initial cracking reference, it’s not intended as a literal reference, very much a modern interpretation.

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  • Kintsugi vessels are designed to combine three primary materials used in building and construction. Designed to bond one material to the next using artisan techniques inspired by the traditional Kintsukuroi methods. The handcrafted vessels in timber and concrete are stitched together with brass, bronze or copper. The shapes are purposely oversize and industrial to reflect the material choice. The process affords countless design possibilities with 15 vessel designs explored currently by Sheargold.