KingGee G2 Compression Workwear Range

  • 2014

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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  • Pacific Brands Workwear

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The new KingGee G2 Compression range has taken inspiration from compression technology used in sports and adapted it to give some incredible benefits for the workplace. The KingGee compression range reduces muscular fatigue and soreness, so you can perform at your peak for longer and feel fresh even after a long day at work. The range also works to keep you comfortable through an innovative climate control fabric that actively helps to keep you at the right temperature all day. Special features have also been added such as anti-static and odour killing treatments making it perfect for the Australian workplace.

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  • Through compressing the muscles and veins, KingGee G2 compression has been proven in independent studies conducted by University of Technology in Sydney, to reduce muscular fatigue, muscular soreness and increase overall vigour of workers after strenuous work activity.

  • Through micro encapsulation technology embedded in the fabric, the Thermo-Active™ fabric draws excess heat from the wearer's skin, into the fabric, effectively cooling the wearer down. If the wearer then cools down due to a change in activity or outside temperature, the Thermo-Active™ fabric will release the stored heat, this results in a constant comfortable temperature for the worker.

  • The seam placement in KingGee G2 Compression has been designed to target and support the key muscles workers use, during common manual labor movements.

  • Through the use of a silver yarn in the fabric, KingGee G2 Compression range is Anti-static and Anti-microbial, making it perfect for Australian work conditions.

    Chafing is a major cause of discomfort and lost time in the Australian workforce. Through flat locked seams, mesh panels and smooth comfortable fabric, wearing KingGee G2 Compression can help reduce the chafing of workers.