Kids Drink Bottle

  • 2019

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Ergonomic triangular bottle designed specifically for smaller hands. Toddler-friendly features include an angled straw that ensures kids can drink to the very last drop, with leak/spill proof straw-top and handy carry handle. Easy push button opening releases the flip-open lid, enabling small kids to open and close the lid independently.

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  • To design a children’s drink bottle that would suit a target group of 2+ years that provides greater functionality for the child and the parent than currently exists. Although there are numerous other drinking products on the market, the combinations of a flip lid bottle with carry handle, spill proof and venting features provides a unique set of user benefits. We also wanted to design a bottle in a unique shape to suit the target user, enabling them to better hold and control the drinking process. Also, make it as easy to clean, assemble/disassemble for the parent as possible.

  • Our drink bottle provides greater functionality for the end-user via a unique combination of features: - Unique ergonomic triangular shape fits the two-handed grip of a child perfectly - Easy open/close, that pops open at the press of button and locks into place to prevent it from hitting the child's face when tipped forward. - Spill-proof valves in straw-top prevent accidental spills - Top-positioned carry handle makes it easy to carry/remove out of school bags - Large opening enables kid to easily refill by themselves - Easy to clean, assemble/disassemble - With all the unique features, the bottle is marketed at a competitive price in the market.

  • - Empowers the child to use the product on their own, developing independence, initiative and motor skills - Removable bumper enables the product to grow with the child and increases the life span of the product, minimising landfill and wastage - Made from 100% recyclable/ up-cyclable materials like PP, Tritan, Silicone and TPE with each part being marked for ease of disassembly/recycle-ability at the end stage of products life - Replacement straws, sold separately, increases the longevity of the products, reducing landfill and wastage. (Most competitor drink bottles do not provide replacement straws, which means the entire bottle ends up in landfill each time).

  • - When creating a drink bottle especially for toddlers to use independently – we kept in mind the limited motor skills and dexterity of children this age. We designed features especially for small hands such as the ergonomic triangular body shape and large easy press button for opening. - The no-leak mouthpiece is designed to work by using user generated pressure to compress and open the valve, and suction – in a motion similar to that used during breastfeeding. - Unique button springing mechanism (bottles currently on the market use a separate stainless steel/silicone-tube spring to push the button back). Our design uses a section of the silicone straw to spring the button back into place, taking advantage of the natural properties of the silicone straw material to serve multiple purposes, thereby reducing parts and manufacturing complexity and time. - The gasket/O-ring has been combined with the straw to reduce amount of parts and assembly, also making it easier for the end user during cleaning and disassembly/assembly. - Food grade, non-toxic materials: PP, Tritan, silicone, TPE. (No BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalates) - Dishwasher safe and easy to clean