Kenwood Limited Edition Diamond White Titanium

  • 2014

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Kenwood Ltd

Commissioned By:

Kenwood Ltd

Designed In:

United Kingdom

The enduring qualities of the Kenwood Chef, renowned for decades for durability and simplicity, remain at the core of this new limited edition execution. Appeal is extended to new consumers through premium Diamond White high gloss metal castings, coupled with a new thermally resistant glass mixing bowl. The glass bowl provides obvious practical benefits during mixing as well as a window to the beautiful and professional solid stainless steel tools inside. Positioning of the iconic and intuitive speed control knob is ergonomically informed and universally designed. The limited edition message is reinforced discreetly through etched text.

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  • Thermoresist glass bowl offering clear view mixing and graduations for easy measuring. The bowl also incorporates integral handles and pouring spout.

  • 'Limited edition' branding etched into control knob, highlighting premium touch point.