Kenwood Chefette Hand Mixer

  • 2014

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Kenwood Ltd

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Kenwood Ltd

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Kenwood first launched the Chefette hand mixer with bowl and stand in 1952, and since have built upon engineering and design expertise to produce many upgraded models throughout the years. These products are well renowned, reliable and can still be found working in the home today! Combining heritage and contemporary stylish design Kenwood have now recently launched the brand new Chefette Hand Mixer. With simplicity and ease of use in mind, the Chefette offers the consumer an entry into the world of Kenwood Chef with heritage and quality credentials in mixing.

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  • The hand mixer detaches simply from the bowl and stand enabling the user versatility in the kitchen. The consumer can choose the level of handling from increased control with the mixer in hand, or alternatively, the stand will contain the hand mixer and bowl, positioned perfectly to create superb mixing results with minimal user effort.

  • Unlike any competitor in the hand mixer category the Chefette includes as standard in pack a unique splash guard allowing the consumer to mix a variety of ingredients (sugars to liquids) at any speed they wish without producing mess in the kitchen. The unique splash guard is transparent enabling the user to view mixing progress and is easily detachable from the stand mixer.

  • The off-centred rotating beaters compliment the rotating bowl to mimic the planetary action of the Kenwood Chef. This ensures all ingredients are mixed consistently. The rotating stainless steel bowl is driven from below, unlike many bowls on the market which are driven from the side creating multiple dirt traps for ingredients.